Why Canada loves the World Cup

From painted faces and flags to those controversial vuvuzelas, World Cup fever is in full swing. Here’s why Canada loves the World Cup

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Catch World Cup fever

With World Cup matches running every day, Canadians are crowding into their local pubs to cheer on their favourite teams and celebrate all things soccer. Whether you’re decking out your car with flags, sporting a new jersey or driving your neighbours crazy with a vuvuzela, one thing is for sure: Canadians have caught World Cup fever.

But…why? We asked our readers to tell us what makes them love the World Cup so much. Here are some of the responses submitted to Best Health via Twitter and Facebook. Have some good reasons of your own? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to this list!

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Peace, love and soccer

“I love that, like the olympics, the world puts aside their differences and just enjoys a good round of soccer.” –@T_DOTgirl

“I love the ability of such an event to unite the world as one. Similar to how one felt during the Olympics in downtown Vancouver.” –@GurleenMaan

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A cultural affair

“I love all the different cultures coming together!” –@2meek

“The atmosphere! It’s the greatest gathering of people from so many different cultures sharing a common love. Amazing.” –@PaulRamsayBCH

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Easy on the eyes

“Let’s see… the hot guys! Why else would you watch?” –@Ames_Walker

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Never a dull moment

“I love the reactions of players when they ‘almost’ score a goal. The chance of being a national hero is pretty exciting.” –@dsamettorrance

“I love the celebrations that spontaneously erupt in communities all over Toronto. The city seems like a giant month-long party!” -Jenn Goldberg, Web Editor

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