What’s Your Breakfast Personality?

Find out which of these breakfast personality profiles describes you and then discover the best foods to get your day started right.

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Breakfast Personality, smoothie bowl
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Top breakfast choices for you

You can’t get a good start on your day without a healthy breakfast, but your ideal brekkie may differ from your friend’s ultimate morning meal. Different activity levels — even different morning routines — affect individual needs. Check out these 8 healthy fruit smoothie recipes.

We spoke to Toronto-based registered dietitian Mary Bamford to get her top breakfast choices. But first, let’s determine your breakfast personality:

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Breakfast Personality, mom with kids in the morning
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The busy multi-tasker

Your mornings are all about juggling the needs of kids, carpool, work prep and getting out the door with your sanity intact. And to make those on-the-go mornings easier, don’t miss out on trying this Triple-Berry Cornmeal Muffin recipe.

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The slow starter

You find it difficult to wake up alert and refreshed, and your mornings — and desk job — are more sedentary than you’d like. Here’s what sitting is actually doing to your health.

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Breakfast Personality, woman active
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The morning athlete

You’re raring to get out the door at the crack of dawn for a heart-pumping workout.

Now that you know what category fits your morning routine, read on to discover what breakfast foods are best for you.

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