What we resolve for 2010

Find out what the Best Health team is aiming to achieve this year

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green tea

The power of green

“I’m keeping my resolutions simple this year because I’ve been pretty successful at keeping last year’s (use a personal trainer twice a week) and it’s one I want to keep up in 2010.

“But my new resolution for 2010 is to drink green and/or white tea, at least once a day. After editing the articles New Twists on 10 Great Foods (September 2009) and 10 Ways to Live Longer and Healthier (November/December 2009), I’ve come away with a new appreciation for the power of these teas-plus, it doesn’t hurt that I read Jessica Biel swears by the power of green tea to keep hunger at bay and help you lose weight!”
-Jennifer Walker, senior content editor

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cooking stir-fry

Healthier eating

“I’m going to cook more. (Don’t tell my boyfriend, though.) He cooks for me daily because my commute doesn’t get me home until later in the evening when we’re both starving. So I’ll take more of an initiative on nights I get home earlier and on weekends, too. Last night I roasted chicken with lime juice and chopped jalapeño pepper, grilled peppers with white wine and served it together wrapped in a tortilla. Not too bad considering I don’t often cook.”
-Lisa Hannam, associate editor

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Eat more antioxidant-rich foods at lunchtime

“It’s easy to grab a quick sandwich, but that doesn’t always deliver a healthy supply of antioxidants-those plant chemicals that help reduce free radicals (they are byproducts of oxidation in our system). So this year-inspired by “10 foods to eat every day“-I’ve vowed to pack lots of fruit and salads topped with berries and nuts into my lunch bag, or homemade soups loaded with carrots, broccoli, red kidney beans and other antioxidant-dense goodies.”
-Margaret Nearing, senior editor

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lululemon top in blue

Dress for hot yoga success

“I’m motivated to use my hot yoga membership in 2010 after purchasing this great wicking top with a mesh back for ventilation from Lululemon ($54). I got the same top 3 weeks later for half price!”
-Sun Ngo, acting art director

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Have fun getting fit

“Last year, I found myself getting cranky at the gym-terrible music, crowded locker rooms and treadmills to nowhere were doing nothing to help me stay motivated. So this year I’ve resolved to make fitness more fun. Step one: enroll in Rock n’ Roar Fitness, a cardio and resistance-training workout class in Toronto that’s set to a rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack. After the first class, I’m hooked! I worked up a sweat doing can-can kicks and getting an arm workout with drumsticks while listening to some great tunes. Best of all, I finally got to try out my totally righteous air guitar in public.”
-Jennifer Goldberg, associate web editor

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mat and weights

Get stronger

“I’m a cardio junkie-I have no problem getting out the door for a run, or spending time on the treadmill-but when it comes to strength training, I’m a slacker. No more! So I’m working with a trainer at new Toronto women’s club Elements to come up with a solid plan to keep my muscles toned. First step: a free-weights-and-cardio circuit that won’t let me get bored. Next: find a gym with good strength classes to keep me going. (There’s nothing like pride to prevent me from getting lazy.)”
-Kat Tancock, web editor

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pilates dvd

A stronger core

“I’m going to work on strengthening my core with an at-home pilates DVD, rather than rely on sporadic, when-I-can-be-bothered-to-do-planks sessions.”
-Bonnie Munday, editor

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pc home clutter

Getting organized

“My goal for 2010 is to declutter my living space. I’m fed up with the stress that comes from being surrounded by too much stuff, and I’ve always lusted after the perfectly organized closets, desks and bookcases shown in decor mags, so I’m resolving to do what I can to get my home and office closer to that ideal. Step one will be to toss anything I no longer need, and step two is to organize what’s left. Investing in a few of these handy Under-Bed Storage Bins and chic Fibre Board Boxes from PC Home will help me take a step in the right direction.”
-Jennifer Masseau, assistant editor

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foot bath

Take care of myself

“Why stress myself out resolving to do something hard? This year, I’ve promised to do something to look after myself: go for a regular pedicure at my local spa, Bové. I love going-when I remember to get there-because it’s like a neighbourhood hangout for women to sit and gossip while they wait their turn to be pampered. And I sit like a princess and chat with Teresa as she obsesses over every single callus. Maybe I’ll try out one of the nail polishes we’re testing in the office for an upcoming issue (that’ll give Teresa a relief from my favourite shade: electric blue).”
-Ruth Hanley, copy chief

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estee lauder serum

Sleep more

“My goal is to go to bed earlier, armed with a great book and a nighttime skin serum. The information these days about the positive effects of proper sleep seem irrefutable, including weight control. So I’m just saying No to LLKC ( Leno, Letterman, Kimmel and Conan)…except for weekends and holidays.”
-Rhonda Rovan, beauty editor

Shown: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex

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