3 New Toronto Meditation Studios to Help Recharge Your Mind, Body and Soul

Meditation studios are popping up in major cities everywhere — and Toronto has a few new spaces worth checking out. Here’s what you need to know.

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Meditation Studios
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The Toronto meditation studios you need to know about

Toronto is having a meditation moment with the opening of a few different studios in the city’s downtown core. With the first-ever drop-in modern meditation studio, The Quiet Company and two technology-based studios, Soul 7 and Mindset Brain Gym, it has now become more accessible than ever before to learn the tools to quiet your mind and recharge your soul. (If you’re new to meditation, check out this beginner’s guide.)

Although these meditation studios may offer their own unique take on the practice, their core goal is all the same: provide a safe space to breathe. Here’s what you need to know about these similar, yet oh-so-different mediation studios.

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Meditation Studios, The Quiet Company
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Toronto Meditation Studios: The Quiet Company

In need of a place to recharge? A place to become more centered? Located in the heart of the city at King and Brant, The Quiet Company awaits. From drop-in, guided sessions that allow you to experience the power of group meditation, to movement classes and workshops, this is a studio designed with your 9 to 5 work-day in mind (just check out the schedule for yourself). Seating up to 20 people — and with a 15-minute session only costing you $10 — this studio makes it easy and affordable to make meditation a weekday morning or lunchtime ritual.

For over a year founder and director Emily Thring has offered her meditation concept via pop-ups at various locations around the city, but now with her new studio space secure and finally open, she hopes to provide a place to help busy people quiet their minds. Make sure you know these meditation mistakes so you don’t secretly stress out during your practice.

And with the studio space featuring one-of-a-kind art, a vintage Moroccan rug, and capturing the natural light the day brings, Thring has created an environment so inviting and serene you won’t want to leave.

Here are Thring’s 3 best tips to set yourself up for your meditation practice:

Find a comfortable seat

“The first thing you want to do focus on is your comfort. Find a seat that works for you, whether it’s a chair or sitting on the floor. Make sure that your shoulders are stacked over your ribs, and let your hands fall naturally in your lap.”

Create a ritual

“Light some Polo Santo. This creates a little bit of ritual in your practice — and Polo Santo clears negative energy and brings positive energy into your space.”

Set a commitment and intention

“Make sure you set a commitment and intention for your practice. Set a timer and know that you’re going to be there until that timer goes off. Don’t let yourself get distracted, just be in the moment.”

Location: 511 King St W #302, Toronto, ON.

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Toronto Meditation Studios, Soul 7
photo credit: Soul 7

Toronto Meditation Studios: Soul 7

Soul 7 actually opened in Toronto’s Yorkville district in 2015 but just recently launched a new service making them Canada’s “first Frequency Spa.” The new 60-minute session features frequency technology such as sound, light, guided mediation, vibration and Health Canada-approved Pulsed Electro-Magnetics (PEMF).

The body’s natural frequencies are impacted by environmental factors like pollutants, blue light, and more. Soul 7’s Frequency Spa electromagnetic frequencies are pulsed through the body to treat a variety of ailments. Admittedly, it sounds very woo-woo, but it’s a legit treatment for mental health disorders like depression and the technology has even been used by NASA astronauts.

Just need a little help de-stressing? Check out Soul 7’s ‘Relaxation Room’ with individual “pods” and guided meditation. (Plus, try these affordable ways to practice self-care.)

Location: 17 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON.

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Toronto Meditation Studios, Mindset Brain Gym
photo credit: Mindset Brain Gym

Toronto Meditation Studios: Mindset Brain Gym

Looking for an out-of-home meditation experience that’s memorable? Mindset Brain Gym is sure to give you an elevated classroom experience unlike any other. This studio uses brainwave sensing technology, meaning that during your class you wear a headband that uses EEG technology to measure and track your breath, as well as how much your mind wanders. Not only does this allow you to see results immediately after your session, but you’re also able to track your progress over time. And depending on your mental fitness goals, there are five different classes to choose from: performance, resilience, human, 101, and sleep.

The classroom experience also features specially designed seating to help with your posture, a blend of soothing diffused oils and sounds, and calming colour light-waves, which are all targeted to help improve your focus and concentration. But if you prefer to have more of a private meditation space, there is another option: a zero-gravity stillness pod. These pods feature an immersive 3-D audio recording to help quiet your mind and leave you recharged. (Don’t forget to check out the powerful way meditation can change your brain.)

So, whether you’re looking to drop-in or pay-as-you-go ($25 per class), there’s definitely an option to suit you.

Location: 62 Cumberland Street, Toronto, ON.

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