Top 5 tips for achieving weight-loss goals

In The G.I. Diabetes Clinic, diet guru Rick Gallop explains how to battle weight gain with smart strategies. Here are his top five tips for achieving your weight-loss goals.

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Three Meals

Eat three meals and three snacks per day

Always eat three meals and three snacks per day. Breakfast is particularly important. The idea is to keep your tummy busy all day digesting healthy foods.

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Remember the 90 percent rule

A diet is not a straitjacket. Most people are successful if they stay within the rules 90 percent of the time. That additional 10 percent can be used for special treats: that unavoidable drink, or lunch out with the friends who love all the “wrong” foods.

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Don’t rush your meals

Eat slowly. It can take half an hour for the brain to realize the stomach is full so don’t rush your meals. It’s a principal reason we overeat. Always put your fork down between mouthfuls.

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Initially, exercise is not that important since changes in your diet will account for at least 90 percent of your weight loss. However, as you get closer to your target weight, exercise will become more important.

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Serving sizes of healthy and nutritious foods is primarily up to you. However, moderation is the key. Remember, the only person you are kidding is yourself.

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