Take A Peek Inside The TIFF Swag Suites – And See All The Gifts!

Who doesn’t love TIFF swag? See the healthy (and healthy-ish) freebies celebs and influencers are treated to during the Toronto International Film Festival.

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TIFF swag, red carpet at Toronto International Film Festival
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The TIFF swag you’ve dreamed about

What do celebs and influencers get gifted during TIFF? We raided the “experience lounges” for the healthiest (and sometimes healthy-ish) TIFF swag and connected with the gifting curators about why they chose the items they did.

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TIFF Swag, bags of swag at Toronto International Film Festival Tastemakers Presents: Suite on the SIXth
photo credit: Sarjoun Faour

TIFF Swag at the Tastemakers Presents Suite on the SIXth

What is in this gifting suite? Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski, president and founder of Rock-It Promotions, which organized Tastemakers Presents: Suite on the SIXth, shares some insight:

“I often tell people who are working festival that it is a marathon, not a sprint; so taking care of your body is super important or you are sure to get sick,” she says. “With talent and media being pulled in every direction, we strive to create an environment that allows guests to relax, get pampered and have a little fun between work. InBalance Smoothie Cubes are creating a smoothie bar at Suite on the SIXth which will be a perfect quick snack for everybody on the run. Jennifer Brodeur will also be making sure people’s skin is healthy and glowing with her incredible line from Peoni with mini-facials. With clients like Michelle Obama and Oprah, guests will be in good hands. Getting a healthy glow comes from the inside, and the outside!”

Check out the next few pages for a sample of their healthy TIFF swag.

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Tiff Swag, Jennifer Brodeur Peoni L'extrait

TIFF Swag: JB Skin Guru skin care

This line of skin care is a celeb fave. This floral extract of is a blend of peony, green tea leaves, licorice root, Rosa rubiginosa and Kakadu plums. It can be used morning or night and is said to protect the skin and fight wrinkles.

JB Skin Guru Peoni L’extrait, $225 at jbskinguru.com.

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TIFF SWAG, Inbalance smoothie cubes packaging

TIFF Swag: InBalance Smoothie

Celebs are busy. So a quickie smoothie makes sense for their hectic and demanding lifestyles – especially one you don’t have to peel or chop. We can’t wait to try our smoothie cubes.

InBalance Smoothie Cubes, $5.99 at iga.net.

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Tiff swag, bask-it style gifting suite
photo credit: Evan Bergstra /Ryan Emberley Photography

TIFF Swag at Bask-It-Style

What is the Bask-It-Style suite all about? Jessica Glover, principal at GLO Communications, tells us it “It is a twist on traditional gifting as our bags are delivered though our hotel partners, so it’s discreet gifting. Our bags are a designed as a welcome to Toronto survival kit filled healthy snacks, books, beauty products and new tech-gadgets all pre-packed into an Annie Thompson tote, easy to carry on to a flight home. We also love to showcase Canadian products, so this year 12 of our 20 sponsors are Canadian companies as well.”

We asked her for a sample of her healthy foods swag. Check it out in the next few slides.

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Tiff Swag Baskit Hungry Buddha Chocolate

TIFF Swag: Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips

Coconut is a buzzy food right now. And for good reason. It is a healthy snack, but add a bit of chocolate and it becomes a treat.

Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips Cheeky Chocolate, $2.79 at well.ca.

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Tiff Swag Bask-It DavidsTea Fall Harvest

TIFF Swag: DavidsTea The Harvest Collection

Like a great fashion brand, DavidsTea launches new collections. And this fall is no different. This loose-leaf grouping includes Just Beet It, Pear Blossom and more.

DavidsTea The Harest Collection, $28 at davidstea.com.

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Tiff Swag Bask-It Natura Almond, Toronto International Film Festival swag

TIFF Swag: Natura Fortified Almond Beverage

Did you know that almond milk has the same calcium as regular cow’s milk? So if you’re looking to eat less animal protein, this works.

Natura Fortified Almond Beverage, $5 at selected food retailers.

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tiff swag 2017 Essentials loung, toronto international film festival swag

TIFF Swag at the Essentials Lounge

This lounge helps prep TIFF attendees, Esther Garnick, president and founder of EGPR tells us. Packed with beauty treats and treatments, this will help people look their best. “There have been recent reports that makeup and beauty regiments can actually fend off anxiety and serve as a source of confidence and inspiration,” she tells us.

What swag were we interested in? The stuff that fits in our gym bag.

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Tiff Swag Essentials Tuck Sthop Panel Cap, Toronton International Film Festival Swag

TIFF Swag: Tuck Shop 5 Panel Cap

While this is a great souvenir for visitors to Toronto (and, lets be honest, us locals too), we think this is the perfect gym bag essential. Nothing fixes gym hair better than a baseball cap.

Tuck Shop 5 Panel Toronto wool cap, $48 at tuckshopco.ca.

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tiff swag Essentials Lounge, Keds Kate Spade loafer

TIFF Swag: Keds Kate Spade loafers

We will gladly change into these embroidered kicks out of our clip-ons after our SoulCycle class.

Keds X Kate Spade New York Triple Decker shoes, $90 at keds.com.

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tiff swag Michael Kors roller perfume, Toronto International Film Festival swag

TIFF Swag: Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum Rollerball

If we’re being honest, we don’t always have time to shower after barre class. Our secret weapon: A rollerball perfume. This one offers a sweet, floral scent.

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum Rollerball, $34 at Michael Kors stores.

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tiff Swag, L’Oréal Ever Cream Nourishing Butter, Toronto International Film Festival swag

TIFF Swag: L’Oréal Ever Cream Nourishing Butter

But when I do have time to hit the showers, I indulge it with a hair mask treatment, like this one.

L’Oréal Ever Cream Nourishing Butter, $12.96 at mass retailers and drug stores.

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tiff swag Green & Blacks organic chocolate

TIFF Swag: Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate

If you enjoy the occasional post-workout treat (like a little dessert after your recovery meal), organic dark chocolate is a sweet one.

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate, $4.25 at Bulk Barn stores.

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TIFF Swag at BeautyBoutique by Shoppers Drug Mart TIFF Suite

This suite is one of the established suites, with this year being the eighth year running. “We know that media and influencers are constantly on the go covering TIFF and the lounge is our way of making their lives a little bit easier,” says Audrey Hyams Romoff, president and owner of OverCat, which organized the gifting suite. “In addition to top level beauty services, our guests know that we also provide a relaxing atmosphere where they can stop in and grab a bite to eat which sets our lounge apart.” It’s like a siesta suite, where guests are prepped for their TIFF events.

The next few pages are a few examples of how this suite gives its guests instant makeovers.

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TIFF Swag, St. Tropez face mask treatment at Toronto International Film Festival

TIFF Swag: St. Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask

On camera, a (sunless) tan is worth more than an all-black outfit. It isn’t just flattering; it’s also great for evening skin tone. Guests were treated to this instant tan by celebrity tanning expert Sophie Evans.

St.Tropez Self Tan Express Sheet Mask, $10 at beautyboutique.ca.

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TIFF swag beauty boutique, Stila eyeshadow

TIFF Swag: Stila Glitter and Glow Magnificent Metals Eye Shadow

Heading from the office to the red carpet is much easier with a swipe of this glitzy shadow.

Stila Glitter and Glow Magnificent Metals Eye Shadow, in Kitten Karma, $31 at beautyboutique.ca.

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tiff swag, Gucci perfume gift at the Toronto International Film Festival

TIFF Swag: Gucci Bloom

The quickest way to do a makeover without changing anything about your looks? A spritz of perfume. Especially one as this pretty floral fragrance with subtle hits of tuberose, jasmine and rangoon creeper. We feel more exotic just by describing it.

Gucci Bloom Eau De Parfum, 50 ml, $114 at beautyboutique.ca.

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boxed water

TIFF Swag at The IT Lounge

“When people come together for a cause they believe in, they can make a major difference,” says NKPR president and IT Lounge founder, Natasha Koifman. “Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible partners and brands that are committed to using their platforms to not only create, one-of-a-kind experiences, but also to make a positive impact in our communities and around the world. Flow is my go to for not only staying hydrated during my busiest time, but also because of their commitment to sustainability and the environment.”

Flow Water, $15.07 for a case of six one-litre boxes at flowwater.ca

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