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Burn calories and build muscle fast with this high-intensity circuit-training workout you can finish in just 10 minutes

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Build muscle endurance and cardiovascular health as you increase your lean muscle mass. This high-intensity circuit-training program will rev up the metabolism, resulting in more calories burned compared to traditional resistance and cardiovascular programs.

Circuit training is a time-efficient protocol that mixes strength training with cardiovascular training that is great for fat burning. The fast and constantly changing exercises target the body in a way that conditions it in an all-around manner.  Whether you are preparing for a sport, injury prevention, weight loss or various other aspects of fitness, circuit training can be customized to meet those needs.

How it works:
Do each exercise for 30 seconds then quickly move on to the next exercise until the entire circuit is complete.  Rest 30 seconds when all exercises are completed then repeat the circuit 3 more times.

Note: You should be breathing hard. If you are able to hold a conversation then you are not working hard enough.

What you need: a clock with a second hand or a stop watch.

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squat jumps

Squat jumps

(Works glutes, thigh, core)

1. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, begin lowering hips until thighs are parallel to the ground. Maintain an upright torso, a forward gaze and knees aligned over ankles.

2. Explosively jump out of the starting position. Remember to fully straighten legs.

3. Land in a squat position and repeat immediately.

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1. Push-ups


(Works chest, arms and core)

1. Get in push-up position (full or on knees) with wrists directly under shoulders. Lowering your entire body toward the ground by bending at the elbows. Maintain a strong and stable core.

2. Once the chest reaches the ground, begin straightening arms to return to starting position.

3. Repeat.

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Lateral Lunge with Torso Twist

Lateral Lunge with Torso Twist

(Works inner and outer thighs, butt, quadriceps and hamstrings, obliques and core)

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, chest up, arms crossed and hands resting on shoulders.

1. Bend the right knee and sit back as you simultaneously rotate your torso toward the lunging (right) leg. Keep your chest up at all times and hips facing forward throughout execution of exercise.

2. Repeat on the left side.

3. Alternate sides

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Alternating Mountain Climber

Alternating Mountain Climber

(Works obliques, core, hip flexors and arms)

Get in a push-up position with wrists directly under shoulders, legs straight and feet apart. Keep your spine straight from the top of your head to your tailbone and pull your belly button in toward your spine.

1. Lift your right foot and bring your knee toward your left shoulder.

2. Return the leg to starting position and repeat by bringing the left leg towards the right shoulder.

3. Alternate legs

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Alternating Back Lunge

(Works inner and outer thighs, butt, quadriceps and hamstrings)

1. Stand with feet hip width apart.

2. Take a step back with the left leg. Bending at the knees, lower yourself until both thighs are parallel with the ground. Both legs should create 90-degree angles. Do not lean forward.

3. Pushing off from the toe of your back foot, lift the back leg and swing it forward to starting position.

4. Repeat the lunge with the right leg.

5. Alternate legs.

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5. Plank Press-ups

Plank Press-ups

Get in a push-up position with wrists directly under shoulders and feet slightly apart. Keep your back flat so that a straight line can be drawn from the top of your head to your tailbone. Pull your belly button in toward your spine.

1. Bend your left arm to bring the forearm on the mat. Then follow with the right arm.

2. Straighten your left arm then right arm to return to starting push-up position.

3. Repeat, alternating starting arm.

Jesseny Rojas is a personal trainer who uses a multi-disciplinary approach to empower individuals with a sense of ownership over their health, fitness and overall well-being.

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