The secret to healthy grocery shopping

Follow these tips for a quick way to make sure you’re buying the healthiest foods for your family

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Be edgy

The most nutritious food can be found around the store’s outside edges. If you spend most of your time shopping in the middle aisles, you may be loading up on foods that are high in calories, sodium, fat and cholesterol.

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Do your research

Every week, stores offer an item at a special price and take a loss on it in order to get customers in the door. Read the flyers so you’ll know which stores have specials on items your family uses.

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Be prepared

Unless I write a list and check it off as I go along, I tend to grab items that aren’t great nutritional value or that we don’t really need. Being organized will save you time and money.

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Go in a different direction

Next time you shop, head in the opposite direction than you usually do. Exploring another way may take more time, but it could also lead to a new must-have ingredient.

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Try a new store

I love to check out stores I’ve never tried. Why not visit your local health food or specialty store to see what they carry? Adding foods such as tempeh, almond butter and pure cranberry extract to your repertoire will keep healthy eating interesting.

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