The latest in stevia-sweetened products

Since Health Canada approved the use of stevia as a sweetener and food additive in 2012, this plant-derived ingredient has been popping up in all sorts of products. Here are a just few

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Vega One Nutritional Shakes

Vega One Nutritional Shakes

These supplement mixes are made from natural ingredients, and are sweetened with stevia. Choose from five flavours; add a packet to your water or juice and stir well.

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This yogurt contains no artificial flavours or colours. Its sweetness comes mainly from stevia, and it has lots of fruit.

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Pure Via Stevia

Pure Via Stevia

This granular sweetener is an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Add it to tea and coffee if you like, or sprinkle it on a bowl of oatmeal.

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Sweetened with stevia, this zero-calorie pop is available in Canada in 11 flavours including Cola, Cream Soda and Lemon-Lime Twist.


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