The calories in bottled beverages

A thirst-quenching drink can help cool you down while boosting hydration. But some bottled beverages are higher in sugar than others. Here’s the number of calories in one cup of six popular drinks

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pink lemonade

Fizzy pink lemonade

One cup of this pretty pink drink has 140 calories and 32 g sugar.

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Fizzy elder?ower pressé

Elderflower isn’t just used as a natural home remedy for fever, it’s also an ingredient in some fizzy drinks. One cup of elderflower pressé has 100 calories and 25 g sugar.

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Blueberry-?avoured sports drink

Blueberry-?avoured sports drink

If you reach for sports drinks instead of water after a workout, keep in mind that one cup has 63 calories and 15 g of sugar.

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ginger ale

Ginger ale

Ginger root has many health benefits, but the popular fizzy drink that’s made from it is a little less healthy. One cup has 100 calories and 24 g sugar.

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coconut water

Unsweetened coconut water

Coconut water is fat free, tangy but slightly sweet tasting and full of the electrolyte potassium. One cup has 45 calories and 10 g sugar.

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cherry drink

Cherry-?avoured vitamin-enhanced water

Fruit-flavoured water may be more appetizing, but it has more calories and sugar than regular water. One cup has 51 calories and 14 g sugar.

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