Staff tested: The best in body care

We tested the latest body products to look beautiful from head-to-toe. Here’s what we thought of them

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Lush Volcano Foot Mask

A clay mask enriched with enzymic papaya, deodorizing tomato and stimulating cinnamon leaf freshens feet.

First, I placed cling wrap on the floor beside my feet. I applied a layer of mask and then wrapped the cling film around my feet as per the instructions. I propped my feet up and relaxed for 10 minutes, and felt a tingling cooling sensation. When I scrubbed it off, my feet were left feeling (and smelling!) refreshed. Just make sure to rinse your feet well, as the mask can leave a bit of a chalky film.

-Melissa Greer, Content Producer


Lush Volcano Foot Mask, ($22, 325 g)

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la source

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Reviving Leg & Foot Mist

Peppermint oil, menthol and an invigorating blend of marine extracts aim to soothe aching muscles.

I tried this in my second trimester of pregnancy with my second child, when I was experiencing painful spasms in the calf muscles of both my legs (which is normal, I hear). I spritzed it on after a shower and right away I felt refreshed, though of course it didn’t make the pain completely disappear. I’ll keep using this even after my baby is born.
-Stephanie Han, Art Director

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Reviving Leg & Foot Mist, ($15, 80 mL)

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L'Occitane En Provence Lavande de Haute-Provence Body and Massage Gel

L’Occitane En Provence Lavande de Haute-Provence Body and Massage Gel

This mild gel-cream contains lavender from a government-sanctioned growing area in Provence, France.

I’m not usually a lavender fan-the scent seems outdated for my taste-but one whiff of the fragrant essential oil had me rethink that taste. And, when my live-in personal massage therapist (read: boyfriend) worked it into my shoulders, he also liked the feel of it on his hands. He did find the scent a little strong, but its aromatherapeutic powers had me sleeping like a baby from the first night I tried it.
-Jennifer Masseau, Associate Editor

L’Occitane En Provence Lavande de Haute-Provence Body and Massage Gel
, ($38, 200 mL)

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Reversa Multi-Tasking Care

An anti-aging treatment for face, neck and décolleté, this claims to “combat all signs of aging at once.”

This cream lessened the look of the lines on my neck and helped hydrate my dry skin. I didn’t see much change in my age spots (I did a quality control, using the cream on one spot and none on the spot right beside it). But according to a study done by the company, that may take up to six months of regular use, so I’ll have to be patient. I like that it’s free of parabens and fragrances.
-Ruth Hanley, Copy Chief

Reversa Multi-Tasking Care ($50, 40 mL)

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Vita-K Professional Spider Veins

Vita-K Professional Spider Veins

This product, with vitamins C and K, “helps diminish the appearance of spider veins” in six weeks.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a sprinkling of tiny spider veins on my outer right thigh. They don’t bother me, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try this cream to see if it would get rid of them. It hasn’t…and I wouldn’t expect a topical cream to. But the look of them has softened in the three weeks since I started applying it morning and night, as instructed.
-Bonnie Munday, Editor-in-Chief

Vita-K Professional Spider Veins, (US$15, 85 g)

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Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Dare to Bare Arm Care Smoothing Exfoliator

This arm-specific exfoliant “helps to clear skin and reduce the look of unsightly red bumps.”

This product is for the arms, but I also gave it a go on a rough patch of skin on my thighs. After rinsing it off, I slathered on the Dare to Bare Smoothing Lotion (not shown); the two are meant to be used as a duo. My skin felt smoother-I’ll be using this on my annual P.E.I. holiday. (And don’t you get a kick out of a beauty product called “The Socializer”?)
-Margaret Nearing, Senior Editor

Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Dare to Bare Arm Care Smoothing Exfoliator,($26, 200 mL, includes buffer pad)

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Rodial Bum Lift BodyCare

The package says this “instantly” lifts and tones thighs and derrière, and reduces appearance of cellulite “used twice daily for six weeks.”

When it comes to tush tightening, nothing can beat exercise. Having said that, kudos to the amusing name of this gel-cream, its promise of a “brazilian bum” and its invigorating, pleasant fragrance (some cellulite creams are overpowering). It makes my skin feel smooth, at least; I’m guessing it’s the caffeine (a common ingredient in cellulite creams) that does some of the magic. The, ahem, bottom line? I’m enjoying using it.
-Rhonda Rovan, Beauty Editor

Rodial Bum Lift BodyCare
, ($69, 150 mL)

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Nip+Fab Bust Fix

Nip+Fab Bust Fix

The claim with this is that its plant-based complex helps to firm and plump skin on the décolleté area.

As I age, I’ve become more conscious of those dreaded creases that crop up in the décolleté area. This gel-based cream promises to “sculpt, improve tone and smooth.” It has a slight scent-it starts out antiseptic, but then morphs into a bit of citrus mixed with baby powder. I found it did make my skin feel softer. Only time will tell if it, along with diligent use of SPF this summer, can keep those lovely chest wrinkles at bay!
-Jennifer Walker, Senior Content Editor

Nip+Fab Bust Fix, ($18, 100 mL)

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