7 Signs You Might Be Secretly Addicted to Exercise

Has your dedication to fitness turned into something more sinister?

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Addicted to Exercise
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Your tolerance has increased

Needing more and more of the activity to achieve its initial effects. That runner’s high? You may not feel it like you used to.

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You experience withdrawal

Increased agitation, fatigue (These all-natural home remedies will help boost your energy.), and tension when not exercising.

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TRX Workout
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The “intention effect”

Exercising for longer than intended on most trips to the gym. You always do more (10 lbs! 20 lbs! 100 reps!) and stay longer than you intended to.

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Shoulder Blade Pain
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Lack of control

You have difficulty scaling back the duration and intensity of exercise.

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Shoulder Blade Pain
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Continuous exercise despite physical injuries

Despite being injured, you continue to exercise through the pain or you will pick up another activity so you can still get the physical activity done.

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women on treadmill running orangetheory class
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“Time spent” is out of control

Funnelling exorbitant chunks of your day and night towards fitness-related activities. Exercise is taking over every waking moment of your life.

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Back To School, Running
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Reduction of other pursuits

Avoidance of social engagements that don’t involve exercise, cancelling plans, or showing up late for work in order to exercise longer.

But in some cases, exercise might just be the prescription for good health that you’re looking for.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada

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