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Is antibacterial soap worth it, are generic drugs equal to the original and will eating at night make you fat? Get answers to these questions and more

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Is there a best time of day to exercise?

Though any time will do for walking, if you’re doing something more strenuous and want the best workout, choose late afternoon, when muscles are warm, reaction time is quick and strength is at its peak. You’ll push harder as a result-and burn more calories.

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Is breastfeeding “all that”?

It not only helps you bond with your baby and prevent postpartum depression, it also protects you from certain chronic diseases. Breastfeeding causes estrogen levels to drop, which helps guard against osteopor­osis, hormone-related cancers (breast and ovarian) and diabetes. Plus, it burns about 500 calories per day, helping new moms shed pounds.

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Is LASIK a safe way to correct vision?

Studies show that “laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis” corrects vision to 20/20 or better for most patients, with few risks. A tip: Choose custom, bladeless LASIK and schedule it for a winter day. Those done in summer are more likely to require follow-up surgeries because of differences in indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Your surgical room should feel like an icebox.

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Are generic drugs always equal to the original product?

Generic drug makers copy a brand name’s formula, but can’t always duplicate its delivery system-the stuff in the pill that affects how the drug is released in your body. If your drug plan requires you to switch, but you feel the less-expensive one doesn’t work as well, your doctor can contact the insurer to request that you get the brand name. If the insurer refuses, try another generic product.

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Does antibacterial soap kill more germs than plain soap?

Regular soap is just as effective. Germ-killing soaps don’t actually kill more bacteria or prevent colds. In fact, they can be risky if you think they are more effective and wash your hands less thoroughly as a result. Washing with regular soap for 15 to 20 seconds after you use the bathroom, and before handling food or eating, can get rid of 99.9 percent of germs.

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night eating

Does eating at night make me fat?

It depends.
The time of day doesn’t change the calories in any food. But if you haven’t eaten since noon, and you sit down for dinner close to bedtime, chances are you’re going to eat more than you should. Also, late-night dining may decrease your desire for food in the morning- and it’s well-known that people who do lose weight eat breakfast daily.

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