14 Little Ways to Instantly Turn a Bad Mood Around

Woke up in a rainy mood? Don’t let it ruin your day! These quick and easy mood- boosters will put a small back on your face.

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Fake yourself out

Literally turn that frown upside down: The act of smiling, even if you’re totally faking, can make you feel happier, psychologist Edward J. Cumella, PhD, told Reader’s Digest. Same goes for laughing, so watch a quick video of your favorite comedian or TV show, or the recorded antics of your pet or toddler.

Here are a few ways your home might actually be making you anxious.

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Try colour therapy

Wearing red can help you feel more confident, which might help you stare down that bad mood and send it packing. And even if Kermit says it’s not easy being green, colour psychologists tell us that wearing — or even just seeing! — a nice fresh green can evoke happiness. Need to feel more relaxed? Then try a blue hue. (Here’s even more cool details about colour therapy.)

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Tune in to a tune

Music is a known mood-booster, so pop on an upbeat playlist of your favorites and cheer up quickly. Research has found that listening to music can reduce the pain and anxiety of surgery, so it should work when you just need a perk-up! It has a cumulative effect, too. If you want a longer-lasting mood boost, prescribe yourself at least one happy song a day.

You should always excercise with music, and there’s 10 reasons why.

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Give yourself a mini-massage

A full-body massage from a professional therapist is ideal for stress relief. But when you need a quick fix, try this handy trick. Press your thumb into the outside corner of the palm of your opposite hand. Slowly massage, using a circular motion. Then move your thumb inward and repeat your circles. Continue inching inward until you reach the center of your palm.

Facial massages can also relieve stress. Try these four easy tricks at home.

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Hug it out

Hugging one of your favorite people or animals can instantly lift your mood with a surge of “happy hormones,” serotonin and oxytocin. Grab whoever’s nearby and give them a good 20-second squeeze; you’ll both benefit! And here’s why touch might be the most important of our five senses.

How Elle DeGeneres convinced Meghan Markle to adopt a dog.

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Snack for happiness and health

You can also get serotonin, and a related amino acid, tryptophan, from food. So try a breakfast with eggs, turkey, chicken, or cheese, and add some nuts, banana, pineapple, or plums to pump up those brain chemicals. Here’s how celebrities cope with anxiety and depression.

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Be scents-itive

Research into the power of essential oils has pointed to orange and lavender scents as mood-boosters. Taking a whiff of either these aromas can help improve your mood and reduce any anxiety you might be feeling. You can diffuse the scent in your home or office, or just take a good sniff from a container of oil or another scented object.

Try these three soothing essential oil kits.

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Walk it off

Walk your way out of a lousy mood. A quick stroll — just five or 10 minutes — gives you three cheerer-uppers in one: Fresh air, sunlight, and movement — not to mention a bevy of health benefits. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins in your body, the sun gives you vitamin D, and outdoor air offers a nice hit of oxygen and encourages you to breathe it in deeply.

14 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Walking

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Just picture it

Outdoor walks are beneficial, and so are walks down memory lane! Research has found that scrolling through pics of your friends, family, and travels can boost your mood as well, or better, than listening to music, drinking a glass of wine, or even eating chocolate.

These 12 foods fight memory loss, so you can hold onto those memories even longer!

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Do a good deed

Cheer yourself up by cheering someone else. The “helper halo” effect is real! Get inspired by these heartwarming stories of good neighbors, and find someone who could use your help today. Offer a cup of coffee, a sweet note, or even just a smile. It’ll do you both good.

How reading books will basically make you a better person.

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Pray or meditate

Whatever your spiritual practice, spending a few minutes on it can elevate your mood. Being mindful can change your brain and improve your well-being. And some time in prayer or meditation helps distract you from whatever it is that’s dragging you down today. See the bigger picture.

Writing in a gratitude journal can also shift your mind into more positive thinking. Use these five easy prompts for your gratitude journal.

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Find some flowers

Pick up an inexpensive bouquet for your desk, or just take notice of the flowers outside your window or along your route to work. Getting a glimpse of floral beauty can reduce anxiety and even improve productivity and creativity, whether you are male or female, young or old.

These floral fragrances are pretty neat, too.

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Claim victory

Give yourself a little win to counteract the grumps. What’s your party trick? If you can balance a spoon on your nose, play a quick tune on the piano, or magically pull a quarter from your kid’s ear, do it now — just for the satisfaction of knowing you can.

Too shy to pull out a party trick? Embracing discomfort is actually the key to success.

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Rainy mood, woman doing yoga stretch
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Stretch and soothe

Yoga poses like these easy ones can reverse a bad mood quicker than you can say “downward-facing dog.” The best postures for changing your mindset include inversions, backbends, and balances. Start and finish with a child’s pose for relaxation. In between, try:

  • Inversions (where your head is below your heart) for a literal change of perspective and a lowering of blood pressure: Headstand, shoulder stand, legs up the wall, and down dog
  • Backbends for energy and increased blood flow: bow, wheel, dancer, and camel
  • Balance poses to shift your focus away from your mood to maintaining your balance: tree, eagle, boat

Here are four things new yogis need to know before practicing at home.

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