Adorable Halloween costumes for your pet

Dress your pet in these adorable Halloween costumes and safety gear to keep them calm (and cute) on All Hallows’ Eve

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Martha Stewart Pets shark hoodie is a scary-cute and warm way to dress up your pet. Size XS to L. ($5, PetSmart;

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butterfly dog


This butterfly costume easily fits dogs of various sizes without being too constricting. Size XS to L. ($20, Pet Valu;

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This pumpkin costume is made with a soft fabric and has easy-to-adjust Velcro straps. Size S to XL. ($20, Pet Valu;

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Thundershirt (modelled by a stuffed dog!) uses a gentle, constant pressure to calm anxious or over-excited dogs, easing fear and barking. Size XXS to XXL. ($40, Pet Valu;;

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Calming collar

Calming collar

Sentry calming collar releases pheromones that mimic those of a mother cat to reassure a stressed kitty. ($12, PetSmart;

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