The Perfect Eyeliners For Acing The Perfect Cat-Eye

No more uneven ticks, smudgy liner, or cat-eyes that look more like raccoon eyes. I’ve rounded up the best new black eyeliners so you can achieve the perfect cat-eye.

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cat eye eyeliner, closeup of a woman's eyeliner
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Perfect cat-eye takes time

There is this meme I love: “Never ask a woman wearing black eyeliner why she’s late.” It sums up pretty much every woman’s experience with drawing a cat-eye. But thankfully there are some new black eyeliner launches this fall that will help you more accurately draw the perfect cat-eye.

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perfect cat-eye Rimme London Scandaleyes Bold Liquid liner
photo credit: geoffrey ross

Into the gloss

The tip: A ball tip for a smooth application.

How it wears: This formula sets to a glossy finish and boasts 24-hour wear.

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Bold Liquid liner, $8.98 at

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perfect cat-eye, Joe Fresh Fine Tip Liquid Liner
Photo credit: Geoffrey Ross

Pointed issue

The tip: Super pointed for a precise and perfect cat-eye tick.

How it wears: Its refined tip effortlessly enhances any gaze.

Joe Fresh Fine Tip Liquid Liner in black, $8 at Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

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Perfect cat-eye, Clarins Graphik Ink Liner
photo credit: Geoffery Ross

Exit strategy

The tip: Like a trusted fine, felt-tip marker.

How it wears: This long-wearing formula is surprisingly easy to remove, and it will make your eyes pop!

Clarins Graphik Ink Liner in 01-Black, $30 at

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perfect eyeliner MAC Cosmetics RollerWheeel Liquid Liner
Photo credit: Geoffrey Ross

It’s been a slice

The tip: This works like a micro-sized pizza cutter.

How it wears: The wheel glides easily along the eyes, so your line is precise and looks better than any Insta or Snap filter.

MAC Cosmetics RollerWheel Liquid Liner In Rollin’ Black Shine, $24, at

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cat-eye eyeliner, Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner
photo credit: geoffrey ross

Into the deep

photo credit: geoffrey ross

The tip: A narrow tip for a delicate, perfect cat-eye.

How it wears: Look no further for intense deep pigment with staying power.

Lise Watier Féline Eyeliner HD in Blackest Black, $22 at

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cat eye eyeliner, close up of a woman's eyeliner
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Rounded out

The tip: Works just as easily as your a ball-point pen.

How it wears: The rounded end helps reduce smearing.

Almay Pen Eyeliner in Black, $9.46 at

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cat-eye eyeliner, Make Up Forever Aqua LX Ink Eyeliner
photo credit: Geoffrey Ross

No raccoon eyes

The tip: It has the shape of an eye pencil.

How it wears: It’s waterproof, plus it dries to a subtle matte finish.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Ink Liner in M-10 Matte Black, $30 at

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perfect cat-eye eyeliner

Matching wings

The tip: With a rounded point shape, this inky eyeliner is super easy to use. You just dab the tip in the corner of your eye for flawless wings of your cat-eye.

How it wears: It’s pure black and does not smudge.

Annabelle EyeInk Tulip, $9.95 at

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