6 Guaranteed Ways to Change Up Pandemic Life

Is your everyday routine feeling stale? Same. Check out this roundup of recipes, podcasts, newsletters and more to add some spice to pandemic life.

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Refresh your podcast playlist

If you feel like your mind is constantly racing with worries and fears, you may benefit from mindfullness—the act of keeping your mind full or busy and distracted.  Listening to podcasts while doing chores, running errands or working out is a great way to do this. We’ve rounded up our favourite podcasts that are guaranteed to inform, inspire, and make you laugh.

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Add some must-reads to your inbox

Get witty insights, nostalgic trips and must-try recipes delivered straight to your inbox. We’ve hand-selected some of the best newsletters, written by female writers in Canada, the U.S., England and France, that’ll make you think, entertain and get you caught up on all the current events.

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Break out of your dinner rut

Fall is as good a time as any to gather up a new list of delicious, go-to recipes. We’ve rounded up the best plant-based dinner recipes, easy and healthy breakfast recipes, unbelievably delicious apple recipes, and fall recipes we can’t wait to try.

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home office refresh | pandemic life refresh
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Add some pep to your home office

Whether you have a designated home office space or a makeshift one on your kitchen table, there are a few items you can add to the scene that can help you be so much more productive. Check out our roundup of home office must-haves that’ll boost your brain, mood, and environment, setting you up for success when OOO.

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Take your workouts abroad (virtually, of course)

If you’re lacking the enthusiasm you once had for your at-home workouts, it’s time to make a change. Get your motivation back by trying virtual classes from studios around the world. Not sure where to start? Try with these barre classes in London, Paris, and NYC, which will show you how the ballet-inspired workout is done in other major cities.

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instagram fitness pros to follow | pandemic life refresh
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Re-curate your feed

To give yourself an extra dose of motivation to get moving? Check out our collection of some of Canada’s top female fitness pros to follow now.  We bet you’ll actually get excited to squeeze in a workout at home base.

Next, learn about the importance of making memories during pandemic life.

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