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Best Health is celebrating its second anniversary today! Find out our favourite stories, tips and advice from the past two years, plus get links to the articles on our site

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Happy birthday, Best Health!

We can hardly believe it’s been two whole years since we started bringing you the best in health information to help you live better and feel great. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! In honour of the day, we’ve asked our editors to give you the scoop on their favourite Best Health stories, tips and advice from the past two years.

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Follow 5 simple rules

One of my favourite articles is a web-exclusive we did last summer, “5 simple rules for your healthiest life“. I was inspired by the fact that there are common threads in all the health-related research that comes out, like eating vegetables, exercising and sleeping enough. You never hear a study telling you to eat less broccoli! So the writer, Emily Huggard, and I worked together to create a super-simple guide to how to stay healthy. Five rules to remember, no more.

Kat Tancock, Senior Web Editor

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Get your daily dose

I think one of the most helpful articles we’ve run is our vitamin primer, “Daily Dose,” on page 86 of the Summer 2008 issue. It rounded up 16 of the most important vitamins and minerals for women, how much they need and at what age, what foods to find them in, and relevant need-to-know info. Coming soon in our May 2010 issue, we’ll expand on that idea and include a special FREE booklet: a comprehensive guide to vitamins. Look for it on newsstands soon!

Bonnie Munday, Editor

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Don your cheap shades

One of my favourite articles was “The truth about: Sunglasses” story from summer 2009, pg 49. As someone who leaves expensive glasses at restaurants and cabs and holds on to the cheap ones for years, I was so happy to read this article. I always check for the 100% UV Protection sticker and don’t mind spending $2.50 on a pair that I just bought at a liquidation centre. This article taught me that price doesn’t affect protection, that the darker lenses don’t protect me more, and how to find the best shades for me (Jackie-O glasses are what I have now).

Lisa Hannam, Associate Editor

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Save at the grocery store

Spend less on groceries

“Honey, I Shrank the Grocery Bill!” from the May 2009 issue is one of my all-time favourite stories from BH. With a family of five I need all the help I can get to really get a handle on what I spend on groceries (it seems boys never stop eating once they hit 12 years-old!). It gave me a ton of great ideas for cheap-but-still-healthy items that I now regularly add to my cart.

– Jennifer Walker, Senior Content Editor

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community kitchen

Food from your kitchens

My favourite Best Health articles are the Community Kitchen pages that appear in each issue. I love the enthusiasm these women have for their recipes. And I enjoy helping the cooks “translate” their favourite family recipes or something they usually just throw together into a healthy recipe that others can easily make. It’s like an ongoing potluck dinner where all the dishes are delicious.

– Margaret Nearing, Senior Editor

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Old-time food tips

I love anything by Patricia Pearson-I always get a chuckle (and sometimes an outright guffaw) from her regular humour features. My favourite is “The 100-Year-Old Diet” (March/April 2010), where she talks about how she tried cooking 19th-century recipes for a week. First, who would even think of doing something like that? (Only Patricia–she’s game for anything.) But second, it helped me relax about my not-so-stellar cooking skills. Those 19th-century babes didn’t sweat it (well, they did, but that’s another story). Their kitchen needs were pretty basic: For one recipe, any butter or grease was good-so long as it wasn’t fetid. Kind of puts our problems into perspective.

– Ruth Hanley, Copy Chief

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An award-winning investigation

“The truth about: Parabens” by Anne Mullens (Summer 2008) won an industry award (best magazine feature at the P&G beauty awards 2009). The timing was great on this balanced and informative report by one of Canada’s top science writers. People were talking about parabens but not explaining them-nd we did.

– Rhonda Rovan, Beatuy Editor

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