Our best 10-minute workout routines

Ideally, we should be getting 30 minutes of fitness a day. But when time is tight, doing our 10-minute workouts whenever you can fit them in still makes a difference

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10-Minute Tuneups: The towel workout video

The towel workout

Everyone has a dishtowel or hand towel at home. Using this basic tool, along with a floor that allows for sliding, can be a creative, effective and inexpensive way to get a killer workout!

Due to the amount of stretching that is required for these moves, be sure to progress slowly during the first few repetitions of each exercise. This will allow your muscles and tendons to gradually become used to the increased range of motion.

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The power workout

The power workout

The key to this 10-Minute Tuneup is power! Incorporating as much power as possible into your workouts is an effective way for you to get the most out of your cardio workout in a shorter amount of time. Many of the exercises here are based on plyometrics-the use of high-energy movements. Power workouts are challenging, and they will definitely make you sweat, but they are worth it.

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The quick, full-body workout

The quick, full-body workout

This workout is designed to increase strength and endurance, and to help you create an overall well-toned and muscled body. The workout incorporates a combination of upper body and lower body moves using just your own weight to work all of your major muscle groups. Because it exercises several key muscles at the same time, this whole-body approach is efficient-perfect for those who are pressed for time.

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The mini-band workout

The mini-band workout

Mini-bands are an inexpensive and portable way to get a workout. They make essential travel fitness tools, too, because they take up little space and weigh next to nothing. Mini-bands, which measure nine inches when resting flat, also make it easy to work out at the cottage or beach. These elastic bands typically come in four tension levels: easy, light, intermediate and heavy. If you’re a beginner, use the easy one for upper-body and the light one for lower-body exercises. As you get stronger, you can move up to a heavier band, but only if you are able to maintain proper form.

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step 2

The step workout

For this workout, you can use either an aerobics step or simply a set of stairs in your house. Step work is important because you exercise lots of leg muscles-burning tons of calories along the way and adding muscle tone and definition to your thighs and glutes. As well, these moves are designed to really get your heart rate going.

To maximize this workout, do as many of each of these exercises as you can, as fast as you can. You can modify the workout to your own fitness level until you have built up your aerobic stamina (but try to do at least one 180-Degree Squat Thrust!).

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10-Minute Tuneups: Kick-butt cardio workout video

The kick-butt cardio workout

Get ready to kick it up! This cardio workout includes a little bit of everything: it works the upper body, engages the core muscles, and gets your legs moving. To get the most aerobic benefit from this workout, do as many of each of these exercises as you can, as fast as you can.

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10-Minute Tuneups: Fresh moves workout video

The fresh moves workout

Let’s face it, workouts can some­times feel repetitive. Following the same workout day in and day out without any change can place you on a fitness plateau that’s tough to break through and can also lead to overuse injuries, which may eventually hinder your results. This workout introduces some new moves that you’ve likely never done before, as well as one classic move. It incorporates a combination of upper body and lower body moves that are designed to work all of your major muscle groups. Because it exercises several key muscles at once, this whole-body approach is efficient, and perfect for those pressed for time.

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10-Minute Tuneups: Mini boot-camp workout video

Boot camp

We usually think of a fitness boot camp as a major time commitment. But you can get lots of cardio benefits with these traditional boot-camp exercises in just 10 minutes. Each move is high-intensity and involves several key muscle groups, meaning you burn more calories in less time. The workout also provides a shot of high-energy interval training to round out your aerobic workouts and help you build endurance and strength, as well as toning you up all over.

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10-Minute Tuneups: Dance workout video

The dance workout

Dance workouts are popular because they add an element of fun and energy to your day – you’ll almost forget you’re burning major calories. Put on your favorite fast-paced music and get your heart rate going with these dance-inspired cardio blasts, some of which truly are blasts from the past. Have fun!

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