Memories of Movember

More than 118,000 Canadians participated in Movember this year to help fight prostate cancer. We asked you to show us your Movember mustache’and you delivered! Here are a few of our favourite entries

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Show us your ‘stache!

Each year in November a month-long fundraising campaign known as “Movember” kicks off to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer. Beginning on Nomember 1st, men around the world adopt the title of “Mo Bros” and for 30 days, they grow epic mustaches to support the cause. Women, a.k.a. Mo Sistas, get in on the fun as well, spreading the word and convincing their guys to get in on the action. This year, Canadian Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have raised more than $19 million for Prostate Cancer Canada.


We love a good cause-and a good mustache-here at Best Health, so we asked our readers to send in their best ‘stache photos for the chance to win a one-year subscription to Best Health, plus a prize from Schick Hydro. Here are some of the best cookie dusters that came our way.

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The Super ‘Stache

Those zany Super Mario Brothers have two of the most epic ‘staches in the video gaming world, so it’s no wonder that this Mo Bro has taken his mustache cue from them. Thanks to Marlene Vazquez for sharing this with us!

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The Serious ‘Stache

Movember is serious business, as demonstrated by Chris Watson of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Here he is on Day 15 of Movember-love the shades!

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The Stylish ‘Stache

Here’s Sebastian Serwa, celebrating Movember in style.

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The Smiley ‘Stache

Perry Stone of Waterloo, Ontario, is happy to be sporting his ‘stache on day 17 of Movember.

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The Sophisticated ‘Stache

Ken Blyth knows that no sophisticated Movember Man is complete without a tie.

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The Shirtless ‘Stache

Abhay Fernandez sports his ‘stache with some serious attitude.

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The Too-Cool-for-School ‘Stache

“The kids at school like the ‘stache way more than my wife did,” says Mike Rybachuk from Vernon, B.C. He became a Movember Man in honour of his dad and uncle.

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The Witness Protection ‘Stache

Ian D. is a man of mystery… with a great mustache.

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The “Wow Factor” ‘Stache

Philly V. knows that when it comes to growing an epic ‘stache, it’s all about the “wow factor.”

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The Trucker ‘Stache

Someone get Todd Craig a mesh-back hat and an 18-wheeler, stat.

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The Super-sized ‘Stache

Shawn Domonsky’s ‘stache is so epic, it’s slowly taking over his whole face.

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The Perma-Stache

Says Mo Sista, Courtney Arsenault: “We wanted to join in on the Movember fun, but since we’re girls and couldn’t grow our own mustaches, we got them tattooed instead-and boy did it hurt!”


Now that’s some serious Movember commitment.

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The Salvador Dali ‘Stache

Lisa Crummer, we like your style-and your super fun ‘stache.

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The Scowl-y ‘Stache

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry! Thanks to @ancitatrixie for sending us this pic of her guy’s mean-looking ‘stache.

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mustache stew

The Stew McDiarmid ‘Stache

When it comes to getting creative with facial hair, Stew is in a category all his own. For his dedication to the cause-he raised $761 for Prostate Cancer Canada-and all his entertaining photos, we’ve named Stew the winner of Best Health’s 2010 Movember Mustache Contest. Congrats, Stew!


For more of Stew’s hilarious Movember pics, check out the photo gallery on our Facebook Fan Page. Which of these ‘staches is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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