Khloe Kardashian’s Flat-Tummy Foods

Here are the five (yes five!) powerhouse foods that are behind Khloe Kardashian’s toned stomach.

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Khloe Kardashian diet, Khloe Kardashian shows off her stomach on the red carpet in a crop top
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Khloe Kardashian’s diet

If you thought Khloe Kardashian’s fit bod was all thanks to the intense workouts she shares on her Snapchat (khloekardashian), think again.

While her killer physique is partially due to her daily workout sessions with personal trainer Don, Kardashian credits five foods with keep her looking slim and trim.

Spilling her diet secrets on her app, “Khlo Money” says that the following five foods help her maintain a flat stomach and fight bloating when the star’s in a pinch, sharing that “there’s nothing more frustrating than having all your fitness and diet efforts sabotaged by bloat.” (Amen, sistah.)

The 32-year-old reality TV star lives by two rules: She avoids salt and she eats a diet full of avocados, ginger, watermelon, tomatoes and oats.

Read on to find out about her top five flat-tummy foods.

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1. The unexpected bowl of oats

Oats are probably the most surprising food on Kardashian’s list, since their benefits are often overlooked and blamed for bloating in those with gluten intolerance or Celia disease. But for others with no gluten issues, oats help maintain good gut health, which helps with bloating. Kardashian says, “Oats balance the bacteria in your gut. This is known as a prebiotic effect, which improves your digestive system and works wonders to reduce bloat.”

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2. The Instagrammable avocado

We already knew avocados were a nutritional powerhouse, but apparently they’ll also help you show off your abs. Kardashian explains that avocados are “loaded with potassium, which is a key player in ridding your body of excess sodium and, therefore, dreaded water weight.” If you’re looking for a way to work more avocados into your diet, try giving up meat on Mondays and make these Mexican Avocado Boats.

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3. Tummy-soothing ginger

Ginger’s been praised for its health benefits for years, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that it made Kardashian’s cut. She drinks a ginger tea regularly to promote good gut health, which you can easily do, too, or you can try this ginger smoothie.

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4. Hydrating watermelon

It’s the perfect time of year to load your fridge with watermelon, which Kardashian says helps “regulate salt levels and flush out excess water.” Not only will it help reduce bloat, but experts say it’ll also boost your libido.

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5 Super nutritious tomatoes

Tomatoes are high in antioxidants, which is exactly why Kardashian loves them so much. Lycopene is known for helping with inflammation and bloating.

That’s the list of foods that Khloe Kardashian eats to keep her tummy flat. However, if you find that a clean and balanced diet doesn’t help relieve your bloat, there may be another reason you’re boated.

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