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Get the scoop on what celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak really eats

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Eat like a top trainer

Have you ever wondered what top trainers really eat? Well, here’s your sneak peek. Hollywood trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak, who has worked with stars such as Lady GaGa and Robert Downey Jr., gave us the scoop on what’s inside his healthy kitchen.

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Greek yogurt

Pasternak stocks his fridge with low-fat, thick Greek yogurt (yogurt that has been strained of liquid whey) because it’s packed with calcium and vitamin D. It also contains 50 percent more protein and is lower in lactose than regular yogurt. Pasternak loves this creamy superfood for its chameleon-like ability to sub in for cream. “Yogurt is so versatile in and of itself as an ingredient for recipes. It makes a great base for dips, soups, desserts and breakfasts,” he says.

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Garbanzo beans/chickpeas

Chickpeas are another one of Pasternak’s kitchen must-haves. High in fibre, protein and healthy fats, they make a nutritious addition to soups, a great base for dips and add protein-packed texture to salads. “They’re a fantastic food,” Pasternak raves.

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Egg whites

Pasternak says he’s a big fan of egg whites because they’re lighter tasting than regular eggs and contain lower amounts of saturated fat. Since separating eggs can be a pain (and measurements can be inconsistent when you’re separating eggs by hand), he keeps a carton of pre-separated egg whites on hand to use as a base for many different recipes.

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“I’m a big fan of salmon. It’s a delicious fish and has a lot of healthy fats,” says Pasternak, adding that he always has half a fish in his kitchen. “If you look at the healthiest countries in the world, they eat very little red meat and a huge fish intake.”

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