Healthy ways to beat the heat

Summer heat can hinder your fitness plan. Here’s how to stay healthy during your outdoor workout

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drink water

Workout safety

Staying properly hydrated is essential for an effective and healthy workout, but the hot summer days may present extra challenges your body is not yet used to. Stay safe while exercising by preventing dehydration, and beat the heat with these expert tips.

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hydrating with water

Hydration is key

Warmer than normal temperatures will require you to consume more fluids to stay properly hydrated says Louise Green, a certified personal trainer and wellness coach.


Here are her four tips for staying hydrated:


• Have a designated water bottle and carry it with you at all times
• Keep a case of water in the trunk of your car
• Pack fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack
• Cut caffeine by switching from coffee to herbal tea

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workout woman

Seek out shade

If you’re at a game or event located solely outdoors, it’s easy to become overheated and worn out in the summer.


Follow these tips from sports expert and co-founder of Sports Performance Centre Ltd., Colin Berenhaut to help prevent heat exhaustion:


• Prepare ahead of time by drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest in the days leading up to the event.
• Wear a hat and reapply sunscreen to avoid overexposure to the sun.
• Have plenty of cold water available, as well as towels to wash your face at breaks. Putting a cold towel at the base of your neck will help reduce body temperature quicker.
• Find shade to rest in and try to stay out of the heat between games or during extended breaks.

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dessert ice cream

Refreshing treats

Snacks and cool summer treats that refresh are always a favourite part of summer says nutrition science and communications expert Lucia Weiler.


Here’s how to make the healthiest choice:


• Think small – Watch your portion size. The serving size of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet should be 1/2 cup or about the size of one tennis ball or two golf balls.
• Read the label – Compare calories, total fat, saturated fat and trans fat of your treat options, and choose treats that are about 100 calories per serving.
• Top it off – Add nutrition to frozen treats by topping them with fresh or frozen berries, peaches or mangoes.

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man and woman exercising

Dress cool

Having the right gear to help you stay cool during hot summer months will help your performance, and keep you healthy says fitness expert Louise Green.


Here’s the gear she recommends:


• Wicking material clothing – Wicking apparel will help keep you dry and comfortable while working out
• Hydration packs – Worn like a knapsack, water is sipped through a tube located close to your shoulder, allowing you to hydrate anywhere on your route.
• Sports-friendly sunscreen – Prevent a burn with a sunscreen that is sweat and waterproof, and has an SPF of at least 30.
• Performance head gear – A mesh hat will keep you cool while still allowing heat to exit through your head.
• Eye protection – Sunglasses that block UV rays will allow you to see clearly and protect your vision for the future.


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