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Healthy mother-daughter activities

We asked our readers to tell us which healthy activities they do with their mother and/or daughter. Here are some of the best responses, submitted to Best Health via Twitter and Facebook. Have a healthy activity of your own? Share it with us in the comments below

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“DANCE!! We dance around all the time, she even gets her dad boogying too from time to time! Certain songs come on, and I have to smile at the fun we’ve had!” -Candice Ferguson, via Facebook

“Zumba class twice a week, we love it.” -Laurie Althouse, via Facebook

Inspired to incorporate dance into your own fitness routine? Try these four dance-inspired workouts.

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Get outside

“We ride our mountain bikes through the trails.”-Leanne Zdebiak-Eni, via Facebook

“My daughter and I hike, bike, dance, walk the dog and skip together.”-Kristine Wilson Boles, via Facebook

“Sometimes we go horse trail riding. Usually my daughter is at lessons getting exercise while I enjoy country air/calm environment.” [email protected]_mcknight, via Twitter

“My daughter and I walk the dog and ride horses together.” -Kathleen Wilson, via Facebook

Get more ideas for staying fit while enjoying the warm weather with this ultimate outdoor workout.

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Share meals together

“We share the same eating healthy lifestyle” -Dorothy Clark, via Facebook

“Eat a lot of great food!” -Dora Parisi Puppa, via Facebook

“Is sharing a glass of wine healthy?” -Barbara Hughes, via Facebook


Eating together is a great way to encourage healthy habits. If you want to cook her something special for Mother’s Day, check out our menu ideas. If she feels like indulging in a glass of wine, she doesn’t have to feel guilty, as that has health benefits too.

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Hit the gym (and the mall!)

“Gym with one, baking with other and shopping with both. They both have different interests!” -Rav Dhaliwal, via Facebook

“Hot yoga and shopping!”-Denise Lytle Dance, via Facebook

It’s great to get to the gym, but workouts can happen anywhere. Brisk walking can burn calories whether you’re on a treadmill or at the mall. Check out our blog post, Can you get fit shopping? and see for yourself!

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Get competitive

“Play squash!”-Amber Burgess, via Facebook

Sports are a fun way to stay active together – they’re also good for girls. Here’s why.


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