The Healthiest Holiday Food Swaps To Beat Your Cravings

Don’t want to deal with extra pounds and a sugar hangover come December 26th? With these healthy alternatives, you’ll never even know the difference.

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healthy food swaps Peppermint Tea

If you love peppermint try this…

Peppermint tea may be just what you need! Unlike high-fat, high-sugar peppermint hot chocolate, each cup is full of antioxidants and boasts zero calories. And that is why this is one of our favourite healthy food swaps for the holidays.

DavidsTea in Santa’s Secret, $19 at

What more healthy drink options? This all-natural cocktail!

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healthy food swaps Roar Chocolate

If you love chocolate try this…

Forget empty-calorie chocolates; Roar is sugar-free, 55 per cent cacao Belgian chocolate with 14 added vitamins and minerals. It’s the sweetest way to give yourself a guilt-free energy boost.

Roar Chocolate (25 pieces), $32 at

This dessert is every chocoholic’s dream.

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healthy food swaps Pomegranate

If you love cranberry sauce try this…

Juicy, crunchy pomegranate seeds boast fibre, vitamins and antioxidant-rich tannins. This fruit is one of the best healthy food swaps because it adds an instant juicy burst of flavour to your holiday meals.

PC Pomegranate Arils Frozen, $5 at mass grocery stores.

Craving something a little more spicy? This red pepper jelly is the perfect topper for those holiday apps.

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healthy food swaps Kind Bars

If you love sugar try this…

Ward off sugar cravings with a healthy snack that is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Many of these bars have just five grams of sugar, and the nut-based bars are loaded with protein and healthy fats.

KIND Bar in Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, $2 at Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

These no-bake chocolate truffles are the perfect healthy holiday treat. 

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healthy food swaps Turmeric Latte

If you love gingerbread try this…

A turmeric latte is a must-try this holiday season, sweetened with honey and topped off with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Why not give your health a boost and treat yourself to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties this spice has to offer.

Find your favourite ground turmeric at mass grocery stores. 

20 amazing benefits this superfood can do for you.

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healthy food swaps Brioche Buns
photo credit: Geoffrey Ross

The best for last of our healthy food swaps – If you love carbs try this…

A vegan brioche it is! Serve up your next holiday brunch with these buns – soft and fluffy – and made entirely with plant-based ingredients. They’re just like the real thing but are made without eggs or dairy.

Ozery Bakery Brioche Buns, $5 at Ozery Bakery retailers.

The ultimate gifts for the foodie in your life. 

Originally Published in Best Health Canada

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