4 Ways to Exercise—Without Actually Exercising

Being healthy and active includes more than just clocking hours in your home gym. Expand your horizons by including these activities in your daily life.

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exercises for those who hate exercising | walking
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Take a brisk walk

To reduce health risks like heart disease, incorporate 30 minutes of moderate exercise, at least four days a week, into your daily life. A fast-paced walk works wonders: It  can boost your cardiovascular system and, because it’s a weight-bearing exercise, help prevent osteoporosis. Added bonus? It’s free!

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exercises for those who hate exercising | dancing
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Dance a go-to

Who doesn’t break a sweat when they hit  the dance floor? Not only do all of those shimmies and shakes spark joy but dancing also demands a lot of energy output because you’re moving in all sorts of directions. Consider turning up your favourite song for your next cardio session. (Here are the best dance workouts for anyone who hates exercising.)

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exercises for those who hate exercising | geocoaching
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Get geocaching

Part of the challenge with exercise is finding something you love to do. Could geocaching be your next favourite activity? Take a turn  in this real-world outdoor treasure-hunting game that involves running around your neighbourhood with fellow adventurers looking for a hidden cache. It’s so much fun, it won’t even register as exercise. (Plus, getting outside and walking can help boost your mood.)

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exercises for those who hate exercising | chores
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Take on those chores

We tend to our gardens in the summer, rake leaves in the fall and shovel our driveways in the winter. Did it occur to you that all of this boosts your heart rate and gets your blood flowing? It does, so why not turn those mundane chores into your own personal work-out? We promise that you’ll feel stronger, and the same goes for your heart.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada

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