Foods to avoid before your wedding

Make sure you’re calm, composed and comfortable when you walk down the aisle by avoiding these foods

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“The first thing to be aware of is caffeine and the affect it has on your body,” says registered dietitian and author of Eating for Energy and Ecstasy, Lois Ferguson. “Caffeine can make some people anxious.”

The last thing you want to feel when walking down the aisle is anxious and shaky.

If you’re a regular coffee-drinker, cut down a few weeks before your wedding so you don’t get withdrawal symptoms like headaches and fatigue on your big day.

When you want to reach for a drink, choose water. “Drink water the morning of and day before so that your body is hydrated nicely,” says Ferguson. “When we’re even mildly dehydrated it can drain our energy and make us tired.”

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Bloating foods

As strange as it sounds, some nutritious foods should be avoided on your wedding day, too.

“The most obvious foods to avoid are the ones that give us gas: Beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage,” says Ferguson.

It’s important to feel comfortable in your gown – and being bloated won’t help.

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Fatty foods

“Fatty foods like dairy products, meat, fried foods and cheese can delay the emptying of your stomach and give you a feeling of fullness when you don’t want to have it,” says Ferguson.

Ferguson suggests choosing lower-fat protein options instead, like tofu or fish.

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Chewing gum

You may want minty-fresh breath before you walk down the aisle, but gum isn’t the best way to get it.

“Gum can get extra gas into our stomachs without us noticing,” says Ferguson. This can also happen when you drink too quickly and when you use a straw.

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What to eat on your wedding day

So, what should you eat on your wedding day (besides a well-earned piece of cake at the end of the night)?

“Excitement makes us think we’re not hungry, but when you under eat, you’re not getting the energy you need,” says Ferguson. “This can make you cranky and edgy.”

On your wedding day, “it’s important to be aware and practice mindful eating,” says Ferguson. You know better than anyone else which foods make you feel energetic and happy.

Ferguson recommends starting the morning of your wedding with a breakfast of whole grains and fruit (like oatmeal and a banana). For lunch, have a big salad loaded with vegetables and a bit of protein. For snacks, pair low-sugar carbohydrates with protein, like crackers with peanut butter.

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