These Elderberry Recipes Are Packed With Immune-Boosting Antioxidants

Elderberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Here's how to add them to your diet.

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Elderberry recipes elderberries
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What are elderberries?

Curious about elderberries? These small, bluish purple berries are grown across Canada and can be found at your local farmers’ market.

Elderberries are rich in antioxidants and they’re a great source of vitamin C, so it’s not surprising that they’ve long been used for cold and flu prevention. But these aren’t the type of berry you can snack on raw. Elderberries need to be processed in some way — either cooked or tinctured — before they can be eaten.

We’ve gathered a few elderberry recipes so you can try them yourself.

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elderberry vodka cocktail
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Elderberry Immune Cocktail

Making your own infused alcohol is an easy way to add a real dose of health to your beverages. Try this elderberry recipe created by nutrition expert Meghan Telpner.

Get the recipe instructions here. 

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elderberry jelly jam
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Elderberry Jelly

This simple elderberry jelly recipe captures the unique flavour and health benefits of these sought-after little berries.

Get the elderberry recipe here. 

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elderberry blossom tea
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Elderberry Blossom Tea

This elderberry tea recipe is ready in just 10 minutes. Brew a cup to help wad off cold and flu season.

Learn how to make this elderberry tea here. 

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elderberry rhubarb crisp
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Rhubarb Elderberry Crisp

Impress guests with this delicious and crowd-pleasing recipe for Rhubarb Elderberry Crisp.

Get the recipe here. 

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