The Real Reason Your Skin Is Dull – 10 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin The Look Of Your Skin

You do everything you can to be healthy – eat well, exercise, don’t smoke and try to get enough sleep. But your dull, tired skin has other plans.

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dull skin makeup mistakes for dull skin
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Sorry dull skin, but it is time to part ways

A glowy complexion isn’t just a sign of great genes – it hints at youthfulness, good health and beauty. But even if you do everything right, including a clean diet, lots of exercise and getting enough sleep, your skin can look dull and tired. And according to Maxime Poulin, Guerlain’s international beauty artist, a few makeup tricks can make all the difference. See if you are making any of these makeup mistakes that aren’t doing your skin any favours.

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dull skin makeup mistakes, you're wearing too much makeup
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Makeup Mistakes: You’re wearing too much makeup

Sure, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, contours, foundations and concealers each are meant to improve the look of your skin. But wearing them all at once is like having too many cooks in the kitchen. And instead of reaping the benefits of each product, they layer the skin and you lose your natural shine.

The makeup expert says: “I believe in multitasking products, and I don’t think that every woman has the time to play with so many products in the morning,” says Poulin. He suggests – after your regular skin care routine of cleansing and moisturizing – to prep the skin with a primer and a skin care-infused foundation. “And then play with your features, add a healthy glow, and contour.” He does it with one product Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder.

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dull skin makeup mistakes, wrong colour foundation, woman applying makeup
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Makeup Mistakes: Your makeup is the wrong colour for your skin tone

Alright, nobody does this one intentionally, so it can be hard to recognize you’re making this mistake. The only way to prevent this from happening is to get someone else to choose your colour for you. A makeup artist is your best option, and many beauty sales staff are makeup artists.

The makeup expert says: The wrong colour could also be the result of choosing the wrong type of makeup for your skin type, says Poulin. “Mistakes happen when you chose the wrong texture of foundation. For example, choosing a matte long lasting finish when your skin is dry,” he says. “Choosing a shade too dark always ages you, and a shade too pale makes you look ashy.”

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dull skin makeup mistakes, you're not letting your skin breathe
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Makeup Mistakes: You’re not letting your skin breathe

If your skin is sallow and tired, you might think “more is more” when it comes to foundation. But Poulin suggests using makeup that has skin boosting qualities. Look at the packaging and talk to the sales people to find what will be most compatible with your skin.

The makeup expert says: “Letting your skin breath is all about choosing textures that contains loads of active skincare ingredients, that will melt into your skin rather than sit heavily on top,” he says. “Always chose formulas according to your skin type and condition, and adjust at season changing.”

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dull skin dull skin makeup mistake too much highlighter
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Makeup Mistakes: You’re wearing too much highlighter

This is a strong beauty trend right now. And with good reason. The highlighter reflects light on the skin, so lines appear less visible. And skin looks more youthful.

The makeup expert says: “If people ask you what highlighter you are wearing, for me it is a fail,” says Poulin. “It should look like a subtle lit from within glow, not like a Christmas ornament.”

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dull skin makeup mistakes best lipstick colour for skin
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Makeup Mistakes: Your lipstick is the wrong colour

Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t wrong when she said, “Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” The right lip colour can do wonders for the face and skin. But what colour should you choose to brighten your skin?

The makeup expert says: The perfect red is “pure red, one that is not too blue nor too orange, always looks sophisticate and perfect on every complexion,” says Poulin. “When your skin looks dull, go for that bright red. A pop color on the mouth always makes one look younger and fresher.” He suggests Rouge G Garçonne (#25), a color inspired from the Guerlain archives in the ’50s and Marylin Monroe’s favourite Guerlain lippy. “This shade is quintessential beauty and suitable for all skin tones.”

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dull skin makeup mistakes too much concealer
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Makeup Mistakes: Your concealer is too dark or too thick

The wrong concealer can actually accentuate lines around the eyes, nose and mouth.

The makeup expert says: “I always use skin care-infused, light-coverage formulas [on my clients], that always look softer and natural and brighten the eyes without caking,” says Poulin.

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dull skin makeup mistakes blending
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Makeup Mistakes: You’re not blending your makeup properly

Every makeup artist I’ve ever spoke with says the biggest makeup mistake is not blending properly. It should look natural and hard lines are a big no-no. Choosing the right brush can help.

The makeup expert says: “If you [use] a high-coverage foundation, then a foundation brush is a must.” Go for natural bristles and, of course, choose the “foundation” shape brush. “The right one will last for a lifetime.”

Best Health tip: You can get away with using your fingers if your foundation has skin-care ingredients, since it will naturally blend into the skin better than a basic formula, adds Poulin.

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dull skin makeup mistakes effortless
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Makeup Mistakes: Your “effortless look” looks too effortless

We talked about wearing too much makeup, but what about not wearing enough?

The makeup expert says: Here’s what Poulin says you need for that no-makeup, makeup look that’s subtle and polished: “A good primer, a skin-care foundation, a bit of bronzer, brow pencil, mascara and red lipstick. This gets you out the door in five minutes.”

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dull skin makeup mistakes 10 minute routine
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Makeup Mistakes: You spend more than 10 minutes putting on makeup

Time yourself tomorrow morning. If you’re spending more than 10 minutes, it’s too much, suggests Poulin. And if you do have more than 10 minutes, you just might be spending that extra time all wrong.

The makeup expert says: “In 10 minutes you can do everything, if you have extra time perfect your mouth with lip liner and play with highlighter sticks on top of the cheekbones and on the eyes,” says Poulin. If you have more time, don’t spend it on putting makeup on. “If you have time, go ahead and do a mask, relax and breath. Nothing looks better than a relaxed face.”

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