DIY gift wrapping

There are so many wonderful things about the holidays, but the waste ‘that comes with gift wrapping isn’t one of them. Here are four ‘eco-friendly ways to package your presents

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The vintage tin gift wrap

The vintage tin gift wrap

Materials you’ll need: Vintage tin + Old ribbon + Tree ornaments


Pop your present into a vintage tin, and it becomes part of the gift. A ribbon saved from last year plus a few of your tree baubles dress it up.

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The recycled gift wrap

The recycled gift wrap

Materials you’ll need: Old flyers + Paper shredder + Last year’s gift box


Give the contents of your recycling bin another purpose. Run the paper through a shredder to make cushioning that will keep presents from shifting inside their boxes.

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The newspaper gift wrap

The newspaper gift wrap

Materials you’ll need: Newspapers + Potato halves + Paint + Ribbon + Wine charms


Turn a newspaper into funky-looking gift wrap by printing your own pattern on it. Cut a potato, apple or even lotus root in half and press the cut half into acrylic craft paint. Press your “stamp” onto the newspaper. Make wine charms part of the gift by attaching them to the bow.

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The holiday card gift wrap

The holiday card gift wrap

Materials you’ll need: Pencil + Scissors + Hole punch + String


Reuse last year’s cards as this year’s gift tags. Place a glass on the artwork on the front of the greeting card and trace a circle around it. Cut it out, punch a hole and thread string through it to wrap around a gift box-which you saved from last year, of course.

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