3 Pro Tips for Bringing Your Curls Back to Life

With summer finally come to an end, it’s time to start taking proper care of your curly hair.

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The post-summer state for curly hair

Curls gone wild? “Heat and humidity make curls more defined and bouncy, something you may be missing post-summer,” says Olivia Colacci, hairstylist and founder of TwentySeven Toronto. There’s a heightened lack of moisture after time in the sun, says Melissa Duguay, a hairstylist at the Eccentric Hair Salon in Moncton, N.B., and grown-out layers will also have changed the silhouette of your curls. Don’t miss these secrets your hair stylist won’t tell you.

The fix:

  • It’s time to cut to the chase. “A good haircut will freshen up dry and lifeless ends but also give shape to curls again,” says Duguay. Embrace the temporary shrinkage now to enjoy healthy coils later. “Curls bounce up after a cut, so most women avoid one because it feels too short,” says Colacci, “But the end of summer is a perfect time to trim and let hair hibernate for winter.”
  • Curls demand round the clock moisture, and adopting hydration hacks makes it easy to keep up. “One trick is applying an oil-rich conditioner prior to shampooing,” says Bernard Hill, North America hair care senior technical manager for Henkel, “and extending time between shampoos will also help hair retain moisture. To reactivate curls without shampooing you can wet hair and apply a lightweight oil.”
  • Drying is the make or break stage for curls, so spring into action with the right technique and tools. “Curly hair doesn’t like to be bothered. After showering, don’t rub hair with a towel. Instead scrunch a hydrating cream or oil into sopping wet hair,” says Colacci. Air-drying is ideal, says Hill. Alternatively, a diffuser is a good option. Read on for the right products to help turn your hair around this season.
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Hair mask for curly hair

Loaded with everything parched curls need, including certified organic shea butter. Check out these tips for taming poofy, frizzy hair.

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Hair oil for curly hair

A nourishing oil that also smells ah-mazing? Win-win. Here’s the truth about what pollution is actually doing to your hair.

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