How to Take Proper Care of Your Colour-Treated Hair

Summer sun left your coloured hair feeling faded and flat? We asked the pros for advice on how to turn your mane around.

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Coloured Hair
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The post-summer state for colour-treated hair

The hottest time of year is also the most problematic for those with colour-treated hair. “Colour tends to lighten from the sun due to oxidization. Fading, weakening of hair, and lack of shine tend to be problems,” says Bernard Hill, North America hair care senior technical manager for Henkel. Aquatic encounters can be damaging, too. “Chlorine can strip artificial colour from hair,” says Olivia Colacci, hairstylist and founder of TwentySeven Toronto.

The fix:

  • Colour faded and flat IRL? Call on extra help ASAP. “Getting an in-salon toner or gloss treatment after the summer months is the best way to revive faded tones. They will deposit the colour molecules on to the hair without necessarily going into the hair, therefore keeping it healthy,” says Duguay, a Joico artist from the Eccentric Hair Studio in Moncton, N.B. She uses Joico LumiShine, a demi-permanent liquid, for maximum radiance. (Ever tried collagen? Find out what it can actually do for you hair.)
  • From brassy blondes to dull redheads and overly bronzed brunettes, summer leads all shades astray. One way to regain control is to make a palette adjustment. “A colour change can help even things out from root to tip. Why not try a shade or two darker to close the door on summer and open yourself up to a new season?” says Colacci.
  • Follow Mother Nature’s lead and consider a cooling off period. “The sun can do some serious damage to hair but very often it can be from the heating tools used on a daily basis at home,” says Duguay. “Using a heat protectant cream or spray is essential to create a protective barrier between hair and heat.” Read on for the right products to turn your colour around this season.
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Coloured Hair
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Best protection spray for coloured hair

This leave-in reduces the oxidizing effects of UV rays and pollution. (Learn the truth about what pollution is actually doing to your hair.)

Moroccanoil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray, $30 at

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Coloured Hair
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Best pre-shampoo for coloured hair

A luxe gel-in-oil texture seals pigments in hair to help maintain a true hue. And considering that colour can add some real damage to your hair, here are some more tricks of the trade to help you maintain hydration.

Phyto Phytomillesime Color Locker Pre-Shampoo, $48 at mass retailers.

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