Canada’s best cold and flu remedies

Trying to kick a cold? Feeling fluish? Our readers share their go-to home remedies to cure what ails you

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What do you do when cold season strikes?

When you’re feeling under the weather, sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a fluffy duvet, a bowl of hot soup and a soothing cup of tea. But those aren’t the only solutions to coping with cold and flu. From supplements to homemade remedies from the kitchen cupboard, we’ll try just about anything to kick sickness to the curb.

We asked our readers to share their go-to home remedies for colds and flu. Here are some of the tips submitted to Best Health via Twitter and Facebook. Have some great advice of your own? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Try a cold-busting drink recipe

Not a fan of tea? Facebook user Brenda Farrell suggests this soothing substitute: “Honey in hot water, add freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink slowly-and often!”


Also on Facebook, Kamelia Rahmatzadeh suggests: “A hot organic honey, ginger, lemon, zinc, vitamin D (1000 IUs per serving), vitamin C, lemon balm, elderberry and echinacea drink. Is it ever delicious!”


Over on Twitter, @elliotte suggests a drink of ginger root in hot water with lemon, and @TheHealthyApple opts for ginger tea with orange slices for a healty vitamin boost.

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Add a dash of healthy herbs

“For an unsettled stomach, take a teaspoon of ground, powdered ajwain seeds. Don’t chew it because it burns, just pop it in the mouth and wash it down with some water,” says Facebook user Naveen A. Grewal. “Works every time!”


Another popular remedy in the Best Health online community is oil of oregano. Facebook user Jill Taylor and Twitter follower @JessicaSquibb both suggest this remedy-which is used for preventing colds as well as treating them.

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Vitamins and supplements could help, too

While there is no magic pill to cure you of a cold or flu, boosting your immune system with vitamins and supplements may be helpful. “My cold remedy is soup (vegetarian harira), echinacea, vitamin C, and power yoga!” says @Katie_Princess3, via Twitter.

Facebook user Ruth Heckbert recommends echinacea with goldenseal, while Karen Bradley says, “Prevention is better-take garlic capsules daily.” Another go-to solution in Best Health’s online community-immune-boosting Cold-FX.


Before you head to the pharmacy to stock up on herbal remedies, check with your healthcare provider to make sure that any vitamins or supplements you may want to take are right for you, and won’t interfere with other medications you may already be taking.

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green tea

Don’t forget the three classics: soup, tea and sleep!

Sometimes you just can’t beat a hot cup of tea, some soothing chicken noodle soup and a nap with your favourite cozy blanket. Just take it from our readers-here’s the magic formula they swear by:


Homemade soup, lots of rest, and lots of tea!” Siobhán McCarthy, via Facebook

Miso soup. Works every time.” @DailyCyns, via Twitter

Sleep, hot tea with lemon, honey and a splash of whiskey.” -Michelle Kellner, via Facebook

A hot rum toddy, warm bed and good book.” @globaltaster, via Twitter

Green tea, vitamin C, chicken soup, lots of liquids, rest and TLC.” Maggie Outland, via Facebook

Homemade organic chicken soup and a tea made with ginger, lemon and honey.” Leanne Henwood-Adam, via Facebook

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Take a natural approach

If you’re not a fan of supplements and chicken soup just won’t cut it, try one of these alternative ideas:


I make an elderberry syrup for the kids,” says Twitter follower @AnkeB. “It stimulates the immune system and lessens duration of a cold if its taken hold.”


Twitter follower @Holistic_Gal has this advice: “Sea Salt water nasal irrigation and gargling with sea salt as well. Plenty of rest, zero sugar, sometimes veggie juicing.” Facebook user Margaret Garnier and Twitter follower @whineandcheez both recommend using a neti pot, which rinses your nasal passages and relieves that stuffed-up feeling. Neti pots can be found at most health food stores and some pharmacies.


When all else fails, try a little love. Facebook user Mikayla Mkay Amaretto’s secret to cold-fighting? “Lots of kisses and hugs!” It may not stop the sniffles, but it will definitely brighten your spirits.

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