3 Ways to Beat the Winter (Pandemic) Blues

Here are three things to do—and 15 products—that will help you cheer up right now.

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Winter Blues workout equipment
Image: Dani Reynolds

Break a Sweat

Exercise is a proven coping mechanism to handle stress and anxiety, and right now, we’re heavily relying on our favourite workouts for that much-needed serotonin boost. To break a greater sweat, accessories are the way to go. Down below, we’ve rounded up some of our current must-haves:

Smart kettlebell

The Bowflex SelectTech 840 kettlebell is like six kettlebells in one, changing from eight to 40 pounds with the turn of a dial, and taking up a fraction of the space in your home gym (make that the living room corner). $300, northernfitness.ca.

Sunny workout outfit

Ottawa-based fitness brand Saint Lyon makes comfy workout sets in bold shades. Swapping your ratty shorts and tees for this bright-yellow look is guaranteed to boost your motivation. From $38 (bra), from $67 (leggings), saintlyon.com.

Core sliders

With these small-but-mighty sliding pads, a six-by-six square anywhere in your home is all you need for a killer workout. $35, sportcheck.ca.

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Winter Blues baking tools, kitchen tools
Image: Dani Reynolds

Get Baking

Did you know that baking has stress-reducing benefits? These kitchen tools will help you get the job done as joyfully as possible—and also help you create something ‘Gram-worthy:

Fondant tool set
If creating elaborate confectionery designs has turned into your version of meditation or therapy, this nine-piece set can help facilitate hours of soothing detail work. $8, madamegateaux.ca.

Glass cake stand
Proudly displaying even the most basic Betty Crocker creations on this pretty stand can make your kitchen counter feel like the chicest bakery in town (where regular sampling is encouraged, of course). $65, easytigergoods.com.

Heart-shaped sparkler
Nothing says “party for two” like topping a homemade dessert with a dash of explosive, glittery excitement. $7, madamegateaux.ca.

Minimal dough whisk
Perfect for mixing thick dough that tends to get caught between wires, this its swirly coiled tool gives off a more artsy vibe than its traditional counterpart. $12, madamegateaux.ca.

Sweet Hearts spatula
With its cutesy messaging, this spatula might make even the most serious bakers acquiesce to demands to lick the batter clean. $12, wyrthhome.com.

Butterfly décor
For those who’d rather not bother with intricate fondant detailing, these winged icing figures can instantly make basic cupcakes worthy of a special occasion (and yes: anticipation of springtime counts as a special occasion these days). $12, michaels.com.

Immersion blender
Not only is this tool a boon for the hand-mixing–weary, its easter-egg hue makes it feel like an actual treat to use, too. $50, bedbathbeyond.ca.

Fluted silicone mold
Crafting your own Instagram-worthy treats during quarantine can be as easy as investing in a special mold. This fluted version can produce flawless mini cakes that look like they belong in a Parisian café—and will make your followers drool from afar. $10, madamegateaux.ca.

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Winter Blues movie night
Image: Dani Reynolds

Have a Cinematic Experience

Sometimes, distraction can be the best way to soothe anxious thoughts. And what better way to distract yourself than with a good flick? These items will make your movie-watching experience so much more enjoyable.

Popcorn maker
If you’re missing the full movie theatre experience, this retro popcorn maker has an attached melting tray so your DIY bowls can be easily drizzled in steaming butter. $30, bedbathbeyond.ca.

Funky candles
Tall candles in all manner of odd shapes are trending this winter and give off a romantic old-world feel as they melt down into misshapen blobs. $30, easytigergoods.com

Pocket projector
This pint-sized device, which projects an image from five to 80 inches on any white wall, is all you need to turn your living room into a private screening room. $280, bedbathbeyond.ca.

Huggable heating pad
This adorable heating pad, which is filled with eco-friendly buckwheat and natural lavender, is great for soothing Zoom-weary necks or tight back muscles from working on the sofa all day. It can also double as a comforting cuddle buddy for solo movie nights. $36, chapters.indigo.ca.

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