15 Items That’ll Make Your Bike Ride So Much Better

Whether you're a casual cyclist commuting around your city, a mountain biker chasing an adrenaline high or an off-road cyclist with a need for speed, you'll need some must-haves before you hop on your two wheels. Below is the best bike gear—like helmets, mirrors, lights and clothes—for every type of cyclist.

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best bike gear | Peppermint Jersey
Courtesy of Peppermint

For the road cyclist

Peppermint Cycling Co. Birdy Black Long Sleeves Jersey, $170, peppermintcycling.com

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best bike gear | Pearl Izumi Shorts
Courtesy of Pearl Izumi

For the road cyclist

Pearl Izumi Women’s Escape Quest Short, $50USD, pearlizumi.com

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best bike gear | Kind Human Socks
Courtesy of Kind Human

For the road cyclist

KindHuman Socks, $25, kindhuman.cc

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best bike gear | Poc Omne Helmet
Courtesy of POC

For the road cyclist

POC Omne Air Spin Helmet, $175, scooteretti.com

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best bike gear | Garmin Varia Light
Courtesy of Garmin

For the road cyclist

Garmin Varia UT800­ Smart Headlight, $140­, garmin.com.

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best bike gear | Thousand Titanium Helmet
Courtesy of Thousand

For the casual cruiser

Thousand Titanium Helmet, $129, velolifestyle.com.

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best bike gear | Electra Disco Bell
Courtesy of Electra

For the casual cruiser

Electra Disco Small Ding-Dong Bike Bell, $22, electra.trekbikes.com

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best bike gear | Hiplok DX lok
Courtesy of Hiplok

For the casual cruiser

Hiplok DX Lok, $111, mec.ca.

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best bike gear | Lawrence Bucket
Courtesy of 49°N

For the casual cruiser

49°N St. Lawrence Basket, $50, bikedepot.com

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best bike gear | Mirrycycle Mirror
Courtesy of Mirrycycle

For the casual cruiser

Mirrycle Mirror, $30, sweetpetes.com

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best bike gear | Smith Optics Helmet
Courtesy of Smith

For the mountain biker

Smith Optics Convoy MIPS BikeHelmet, $100, altitude-sports.com

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best bike gear | Copilot Jacket
Courtesy of 7Mesh

For the mountain biker

7mesh Copilot Jacket, $300, 7mesh.com

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best bike gear | Garneau Cycling Gloves
Courtesy of Garneau

For the mountain biker

Garneau Ditch Cycling Gloves, $30, altitude-sports.com

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best bike gear | Osprey Backpack
Courtesy of Kitsuma

For the mountain biker

Osprey Kitsuma 1.5 Backpack, $85, sportchek.ca

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best bike gear | Multitool
Courtesy of Filzer

For the mountain biker

Filzer Micro I-Tool MT-3, $16, mec.ca

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