5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Berries You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Across the country, tasty, versatile and good-for-you berries are ripe for the picking. Here are 5 reasons to eat more berries.

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Berries, variety of berries in a bowl
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Berries help fight off disease

Berries are some of nature’s best sources of antioxidants, which guard against heart disease, cancer and age-related blindness. Of the berries commonly seen on produce shelves, blueberries contain the most. For even more antioxidant power, seek out elderberries, black currants and chokeberries.

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Berries boost vitamin intake

One cup of strawberries contains an entire day’s worth of heart-healthy vitamin C. Studies also show that people who eat one serving of strawberries per day tend to have higher blood levels of the B vitamin folate, which helps keep arteries clear.

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Berries, variety of berries
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Berries reduce the risk of developing cancer

A U.S. study found that pterostilbene, abundant in blueberries, may help protect against colon cancer (the second most common cancer in women). Both blackberries and raspberries contain ellagic acid, a phytochemical that helps prevent cancer. Cooking doesn’t seem to destroy it, so even jams, pies and crisps may confer this health benefit.

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Berries, blueberries
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Berries are high in fibre

A half-cup of blueberries contains almost two grams of fibre – about the same amount as a slice of whole-wheat bread. Also high in soluble fibres that help lower cholesterol are blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.

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Berries, red currants
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Berries provide a great source of potassium

Red, black and white currants are all excellent sources of potassium, a mineral that helps lower blood pressure. Gooseberries are also a good source – but make sure to look for new varieties that are more palatable for eating raw.

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