5 Bath Products That’ll Help You Escape Reality and Relax

Dip into the bath with one of these products and feel your woes melt away.

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Bath Products in Canada

A dreamy bathroom aesthetic—think plant-covered quarters, calming music, flickering candlelight and sprinkled with petals— is trending on TikTok and Inoki Bathhouse is arguably leading the charge. The Canadian brand has gained over 175k followers since posting its first video in February 2021, thanks to its peaceful “take a bath with me” videos, which feature their tea-infused products.

Inoki Bathhouse founder Helen Yin says the inspiration for the Toronto-based company came from her experience with mental health troubles related to the pandemic. “It only made sense that I focused solely on baths—the one place that brought me peace through everything,” says Yin.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, studies show that warm baths, particularly when paired with soft music and calming smells, can improve mental and emotional health. “For me, science aside, it’s the only place where I can truly disconnect away from my phone, away from devices, away from everything,” says Yin. “It’s the only time that I feel like I can find calm and slow down.”

Ready to steep in the benefits of a relaxing soak? From tea-infused blends to fragrant oils, here are the bath products available in Canada we’re currently loving.

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Inoki Bathhouse’s Bath Kits

“I fell in love with baths ever since I watched Spirited Away as a little girl,” says Yin. “The bathing culture in Asia has a rich history that I never had exposure to until the film.” Yin took jasmine tea leaves, which she said are the “scent from [her] happy childhood,” and paired them with other herbs to create teabags for the bath. She offers these bags in a kit, accompanied with other bath goodies like tealight candles, organic lavender and access to a Spotify playlist, to help customers create their own dreamy bath experience.

Mountain Fog – Deep Sleep & Muscle Relief, $76, inokibathhouse.com

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Selv’s Kits and Oils

Selv founder Sarah Laroche’s goal with her brand is to encourage people to slow down, have a soak and take a moment to unwind and check in with themselves. The Montreal-based company offers everything from bath kits (which include a mix of ingredients such as pink Himalayan salt, flowers and botanical oi) to bath oils (which Laroche says “provide the skin with all-natural nourishment, nutrients and the balance it needs to remain healthy”).

Nordic Immersive Kit, $38, selvrituel.com

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Sisters Sage’s Bath Bombs

Sisters Sage, a company started by two Indigenous sisters, offers hand-crafted bath products using traditional Indigenous ingredients. Their bath bombs feature all-natural ingredients including baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, cedar leaf and essential oils. The cedar bath bomb is an especially special product, because cedar is traditionally used as a way to cleanse, restore and heal—according to the Sisters Sage website, this bath bomb can be used as a way to cleanse the body and spirit, making for a relaxing soak.

Cedar Bath Bomb, $7, sisterssage.com

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Goop’s Bath Soak

One of the brand’s most popular products is “The Martini” bath soak. It’s made with a blend of good-for-you ingredients like pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts (which can help relax muscles and even relieve pain, headaches and migraine), Himalayan salt (which can help soothe irritated skin) and frankincense and myrrh (both of which are used in traditional Chinese medicine to fight inflammation, relieve pain, and reduce swelling).

“The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak, $45 CAD, goop.com

Dr Teals Bath Products Canada
Image: Dr. Teal's

Dr. Teal’s Melatonin Salts

Dr. Teal’s has become a go-to drugstore brand for bath products—and for good reason. They are formulated with Epsom salts, and their latest version boasts melatonin, lavender and chamomile essential oils to help further ease muscle aches and encourage a sound sleep.

Dr. Teal’s Melatonin Sleep Soak, $10, amazon.ca

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