9 ways to make grocery shopping easier

Keeping your fridge and pantry stocked with good-for-you foods is important for maintaining healthy eating habits, but a trip to the grocery store is often a task we’d rather avoid. Here are nine ways to make the chore a little less taxing  

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1. Purchase some wheels

If you live close enough, walking to the store is a good idea-both for your health and for the planet. But lugging heavy bags is no fun. That’s why we recommend a stylish cart on wheels, like this collapsable trolley ($25) from Reisenthel, which folds up into its own pocket. Available across Canada; Reisenthel.com.

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2. Make a checklist

Everyone knows it’s easier when you have a list, but try this approach: Keep a checklist of your most commonly purchased items on your fridge, and you and your family can check them off as supplies run out. When it’s time to shop, just grab your checklist and go. We like this preprinted one from Knock Knock ($7.50), but you could customize and print off your own. Available at Chapters and Indigo and other select retailers; knockknock.biz.

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3. Map out your route

Organize your list by aisle and stick to the outer areas of the store, avoiding some aisles altogether. You’ll cut down on time, as you won’t have to hunt through your list or go down aisles that don’t have anything you need. Plus, there’s the bonus of avoiding all that less-healthy processed food displayed in the centre areas of the store.

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4. Go at less busy times

If your schedule allows it, shop at off-peak hours like late evenings, and avoid crowded weekends altogether. There will be less people to navigate around and lineups will be shorter.

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5. Get organized

An avid coupon clipper? Store and organize all your coupons, member cards and gift cards in this purse-size accordion folder and notepad combo. Dots & Stripes Coupon Keeper with notepad ($13), available across Canada at Indigo and Chapters stores.

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6. Shop with a friend

Whether it’s your spouse or your sister, bring reinforcements. You can either divide and conquer to get through your list faster, or use it as a chance to spend some time together and catch up. However, leave the kids at home if possible; otherwise, they may just add to the stress of shopping.

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7. Stock up

Cut down on the number of treks you need to make by filling your cupboards with staples. Make one major trip every month or two to stockpile non-perishables (buying as much as your cupboards will hold), and you’ll reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the store on a weekly basis, shopping only for items such as produce and dairy.

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8. Be prepared

When you’re done unpacking groceries, toss your reusable bags into the trunk of your car. Next time you’re ready to shop, you won’t worry about forgetting them.

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9. Order delivery

Cut out the trip to the grocery store completely by shopping from home. Place your order by phone or online with retailers such as Grocery Gateway and Spud.ca, or with organic food co-ops, and they’ll bring your food right to your door.


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