9 products you need for an at-home pedicure

Sandal season is here. Rather than booking a team spa day (darn!), we took matters into our own hands (er, feet) and scrubbed, sloughed and slathered our way to bliss

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In all your glory

Soap & Glory Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream ($16, 125 mL)

The instructions say to put on cotton socks after massaging a generous layer into the feet every night “or at least as often as you remember.” I may have overdone the generous part; my feet felt a little tacky in the morning. But they were amazingly soft.
-Ruth Hanley, Copy Chief

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File away

Revlon File ‘N Peel 6-in-1 Peel-able Foot File ($8)

This is a clever little number that fits neatly into the palm of your hand. It has three emery surface layers on either side. One side of the tool is a touch more coarse than the other. As the layer wears down, you peel it away to reveal a fresh layer. Great for buffing up heels.
-Rhonda Rovan, Editor-at-Large, Beauty & Fashion

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Fancy brush

EcoTools Bamboo Foot Brush and Pumice ($5)

At first I didn’t think the pumice side, which is made from recycled glass, would have much exfoliating power-it doesn’t really feel that abrasive-but as I scrubbed, I could see it working to remove dead skin (gross, yet awesome!). I finished with the brush, which felt like a mini-massage and got rid of any excess dry skin. I’ll be using this between professional pedicures.
-Jessica Harding, Associate Web Editor

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Repair your wear

Lotus Aroma 3-in-1 Foot Care ($16, 75 mL)

This “repair” balm with natural alpha hydroxy acids exfoliates. I massaged it into the bottoms of my feet (and between my toes) before bed, as directed. It felt refreshing and the eucalyptus fragrance is pleasant. I noticed a difference after a few nights: softer feet, smoother heels.
-Joana Lourenço, Associate Editor

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Blast off

Pro FX Blast Away Callus Remover ($5, 167 g)

The instructions say “use twice weekly until callus is removed.” I applied it only to my left foot, so I could compare. You wait five minutes, then wash it off. I’m not sure how it did it, but this product softened the calluses after two uses. It’s time to use it on my right foot.
– Bonnie Munday, Editor-in-Chief

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Cool as a cucumber

Montagne Jeunesse Foot Lotion in Spearmint & Cucumber ($6, 80 mL)

Now that summertime has finally rolled around, I was looking for a foot lotion that dries quickly (who wants greasy feet?) and smells great. This product covered that with one additional bonus-it also has deodorizing minerals.
– Stephanie Han, Art Director

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Total control

Sally Hansen Sole Control 2-sided Foot File ($7)

After soaking my feet in a warm bath and patting them dry, I gently buffed my heels and the balls of my feet with the coarser side to soften calluses, and then with the fine-grit side to smooth. The long handle and concave buffing surfaces make it easy to reach all angles. Now my feet are sandal ready.
– Jennifer Masseau, Associate Editor, Beauty & Fashion

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Tea time for your toes

Avon Foot Works Beautiful Ginger & White Tea Smoothing Scrub ($8, 100 mL)

I rubbed this exfoliating scrub onto my feet while in the shower, concentrating on my heels. The granules are very small so it doesn’t feel abrasive -and the scent is awesome! I love how light and fresh it is. After rinsing, my feet felt so soft that I decided to use it to buff my hands, too.
– Jennifer Walker, Deputy Editor

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Sponge bath

Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer in Citron Eucalyptus Aromatherapy ($8)

Want soft, pretty-scented feet? This delivers. Infused with a moisturizing soap that lathers when wet, this sponge is good for 20 or so uses. I used the soft side to cleanse, then the coarser side to exfoliate dead skin and smooth out calluses.
– Melissa Greer, Content Producer

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