9 apps that will improve your health

Technology has come a long way when it comes to health. Check out these amazing apps that will help you stay healthy

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A free app to manage diabetes

iBGStar, one of many apps for managing diabetes, allows data tracking, meal tagging and more.

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A free app to help you relax

A free app to help you relax

A hypnosis app for deep relaxation, Relax Completely was created by a qualified hypnotherapist.

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An app to help with panic attacks

Developed by a clinical psychologist, Panic Aid literally provides a panic button for times of extreme anxiety or stress. It guides you through breathing and relaxation exercises. ($3)

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An app for emergencies

In Case of Emergency (ICE) stores data (allergies, blood type, medical conditions, medications, etc.) and contacts for first responders in case of a medical emergency. Your doctor and your family can be called directly from the app. ($4)

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An app for athletes

Created by concussion experts for parents and coaches, Concussion Recognition & Response (CRR) lets you record information to share with health professionals, gives care instructions and answers questions. ($4)

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A free app for post-traumatic stress

Created by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, PTSD Coach tracks symptoms of post-traumatic stress dis­order. You can link to local support systems and learn management skills.

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A free app for medical records

MyMedRec puts your medication and immuni­zation records at your fingertips. It includes refill reminders, contact info for prescriptions, and email and photo capability. It was created by the Canadian Medical Association and six other related associations.

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An app to keep your pets healthy

Pet First Aid has videos and step-by-step illustrations to use in emergencies, and stores vital info. ($4)

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An app to perform CPR

Heart Hero CPR app was made by Genius Factor Games for the Heart and Stroke Foundation B.C. & Yukon. It walks you through the steps of CPR to the song “Staying Alive.” (free)

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