8 tools for healthy grilling

Sticking to a healthy eating plan this summer? The next time you have a barbecue, try these tools for healthy grilling

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steak buttons

Danesco Steak Button

You like it medium, your partner likes it well done? These little silicone and stainless steel thermometers help you grill individual meats to perfection. No more guessing. (Danesco Steak Button, $7 for two, danescoinc.com)

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jumbo turner

The Pampered Chef BBQ Jumbo Turner

Turning over food on the grill can get tricky, but this wide spatula with a 11-inch-(28 cm) long handle lets you flip chicken breasts, fish fillets and patties easily and from a safe distance. (The Pampered Chef BBQ Jumbo Turner, $23, pamperedchef.ca)

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weber saucing system

Weber Style Saucing System

Avoid a mess-and illness from contaminated food. This silicone basting brush with stainless steel handle fits neatly onto its matching cup when not in use. (Weber Style Saucing System, $35, weber.com)

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PC dishware

PC Eco-Cornstarch Dishware

These reusable dishes made from cornstarch will decompose in a year once they’re eventually disposed of. (PC Eco-Cornstarch Dishware, sold in sets of four: dinner plates, $8; side plates, $7; bowls, $6; and cups, $5; presidentschoice.ca)

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omega crunch

Omega Crunch Shelled Flax

These shelled flaxseeds with roasted garlic add tons of flavour (and omega-3s) to rubs and marin­ades-no need to add salt. (Omega Crunch Shelled Flax Roasted Garlic, $8, 200 g, omegacrunch.ca)

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grill basket

Master Chef Grill Basket

Stir-fries aren’t just for woks on stovetops. This stainless steel basket for the barbecue gives chopped veggies grilled flavour but keeps them from dropping through the slats. (Master Chef grill basket, 13x10x3 in./34x25x8 cm, $20, canadiantire.ca)

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weber kabob set

Weber Kabob Set

This skewer set allows you to turn all the skewers at once easily, so they food doesn’t get stuck or fall off and you don’t get burned. (Weber Kabob Set, $45, fits 47-cm diameter grills , weber.com)

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fish basket

Danesco Fish Basket

Barbecues aren’t just for burgers. Grilling salmon, trout or halibut (all packed with omega-3s) is a snap in this stainless steel basket with a bamboo handle. (Danesco fish basket, 35.5 cm, $18, danescoinc.com)

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