8 Surprising Ways Women Are Different From Men

There are some obvious ways in which the two sexes differ, but women are different from men in some other, surprising ways.

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Women have more mood receptors

Women have 39 percent more receptors, or landing pads, for mood-affecting molecules than men do, but 55 percent less protein to transport them. This may account for why women suffer twice as much anxiety and depression as men.

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How Sugar Affects Sleep, woman lying in bed
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Women confess to different sins

According to a 2009 study based on a survey of Catholics, women are more likely to confess to the sins of pride, envy, or anger. But men more often cop to lust, gluttony, and sloth.

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why men sleep better than women
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Women have more nightmares

Based on a study of dream diaries, researchers found that women have more nightmares, such as being chased or losing a loved one, than men. Those nightmares aren’t the reason why men sleep better than women though.

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Women use Facebook and social networking more

Men tend to make use of the Internet’s utilitarian and leisure capabilities, but women take advantage of network-building and socializing more. Oh, and have you seen my Pinterest shoe page?

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Women negotiate less often for salary

One study of first-time job seekers showed that four times as many men ask for more salary than women. Those who asked for a higher salary received about 7.4 percent more on average than those who didn’t.

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Aging, Group of middle aged women laughing
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Women laugh less willingly but more robustly

Research examining the parts of the brain that respond to humor found that women tend to analyze comedy more than men. However, if something does strike women as funny, their response is greater than men. Women also tend to outlive men for some unusual reasons.

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Heart Disease, getting a check up
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Women are twice as likely to die from heart attack

Women 50 years old and younger are twice as likely to die from a heart attack as men. Heart attack symptoms are different for women, which also why women may wait longer to go to the emergency room.

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Women can see variations of colour better

A reason to always let a women pick the color to paint your room? Research has found that the biological compositions of women’s eyes are keener to discriminate color differences than men’s. Male eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects.

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