8 reduced-sugar dessert recipes

These desserts have less sugar so you can still enjoy a sweet treat without worrying about the sugar rush

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Caramelized Apple Crêpes with Maple Syrup

If you don’t have maple syrup, top the caramelized apple crêpes with honey, which is available locally in most places.

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raw pecan pie

Raw Pecan Pie

Skip the refined sugars and flours in favour of nuts, coconut, dates and raisins in this raw version of classic pecan pie.

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pain perdu

Light Cream Cheese, Banana & Coconut Pain Perdu

Pain perdu, which is the French name for French toast, is a great brunch treat or a surprising dinner party dessert. Caramelizing the bananas gives a texture and flavour variation that elevates this everyday fruit.

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melon soup

Iced Melon and Berry Soup

Honeydew melon is perfect for this dazzling display, but it is essential that the melon be very ripe and sweet. Serve the soup as a refreshing first course when the weather is hot, dressing up each bowlful with a swirl of berry purée and some whole berries as a garnish.

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oatmeal cookie

Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

A glass of milk and one of these warm, chewy cookies make for a perfect post-dinner treat.

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Velvety Beet Brownies

Velvety Beet Brownies

Beet purée enriches the flavour and moisture of these dense, dark chocolate brownies. Loaded with antioxidants (and free of nuts), they’re perfect to pack in your kids’ school lunches.

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black forest cake

Black Forest Mousse Cake

Here’s one of those heavenly warm, dense chocolate cakes that is very light, surprisingly low in fat and much easier to make than you might think. Cocoa delivers a rich, chocolatey flavour with less fat than plain chocolate. A dollop of mock whipped cream spiked with cherry brandy adds a delightful touch to each slice of cake.

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Light Raspberry-Ricotta Fool

Light Raspberry-Ricotta Fool

A fool is usually made with fruit and whipping cream. We’ve lightened the original by using ricotta cheese, and added a burst of citrus flavour, while maintaining this dessert’s made-in-10-minutes appeal.

Get the recipe: Light Raspberry-Ricotta Fool

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