8 healthy ways to add more leafy greens to your diet

Sneak more nutritious greens like kale, Swiss chard and spinach into your diet with these delicious ideas

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kale soup

Soups and stews

Toss chopped kale into minestrone soup; add escarole or Swiss chard to a chicken stew; and mix mustard or dandelion greens into a coconut milk curry.

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kale chips

Kale chips

Remove stem and centre ribs from leaves. Tear leaves into potato-chip-size pieces. Toss with olive oil; sprinkle with cumin, herbs or salt. Bake at 300°F just until crisp.

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kale quiche


Add sautéed Swiss chard, escarole or kale to a quiche, frittata or omelette along with a generous pinch of paprika and lots of fresh chopped parsley.

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cooking stir-fry

Simple stir-fry

In a wok or large pan, sauté cubes of beef, chicken or tofu. Add julienned carrot and red pepper, and Swiss chard stems, and cook until tender. Remove from heat, and stir in chard leaves.

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cheese pear walnut salad

Tasty starter

Top a mix of mustard greens, escarole and Boston lettuce with ripe pear, blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts or walnuts. Drizzle with a vinegar and nut oil dressing.

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Weeknight pasta

Sauté garlic, shiitake mushrooms, escarole and oregano in olive oil, and cook until tender. Toss with cooked pasta and top with Parmesan cheese.

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kale baguette pesto

A fresh take on bruschetta

Sauté chopped kale in olive oil and garlic. Place spoonfuls on toasted baguette slices, and top with shavings of Asiago cheese.

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cooked greens spinach

Quick side

Chop escarole and sauté in olive oil with red pepper flakes and garlic until wilted. Sprinkle with roasted pine nuts and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Serve with baked chicken breasts, lamb chops or salmon fillets.

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