5 slimming yoga poses to look great in your wedding dress

Look glowing and radiant in time for your wedding day with these yoga poses that will get you wedding gown-ready

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yoga bride

Yoga for brides

Planning a wedding can be fun (cake tasting!) and stressful (the expense, the planning and the future in-laws). It’s also a hard time to focus on yourself. Luckily, there’s one activity that can decrease anxiety and help you lose weight: Yoga.

Whatever your dress style, these yoga poses will get you ready to look fit and fabulous in your gown.

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downward dog yoga

Downward dog

Wearing a strapless ball gown? The most important pose to get you looking great in it is downward dog.

This classic pose improves upper-body strength (meaning your arms and back will look ultra-toned) and promotes a healthy spine, which will improve your posture and ensure your shoulders aren’t slumped in your wedding photos.

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Warrior pose II yoga

Warrior II

If your dress is backless or hugs your derriere, you’ll appreciate that Warrior II tones the bod in all the right places. Your hips, thighs, butt and shoulders will all benefit from this pose.

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plank exercise yoga


For ladies brave enough to rock a sheath dress on their big day, plank pose will give you the confidence you need to pull off this body-hugging number.

This pose is a big core-strengthener, so it will help you look long and lean. Bonus: It also works your arms and upper body, so if your sheath is also strapless, you’ll feel extra-confident.

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staff pose yoga

Staff pose

Baring your lower legs in a cocktail dress and high heels? Staff pose is your best bet for strengthening thigh and calf muscles.

It also stretches and lengthens hamstrings (yay!) and literally only takes a few minutes to do. So if you want to stand tall, and radiate confidence and elegance as you walk down the aisle, this is your best bet.

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legs up the wall yoga pose

Legs up the wall pose

Part of looking great on your wedding day is feeling great. For anxious brides, soothing yoga poses are just as important as toning ones.

To relax and ensure a restful sleep the night before the big day, try this relaxing yoga pose.

Not only does it take pressure off legs, knees and ankles, it also melts shoulder, upper back and neck tension, balances unevenness of mood and calms the nervous system. What more could you ask for on the day before your wedding?

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