5 Roasted Chickpea Recipes to Help You Kick Your Chip Habit

If you’re after a crunchy, satisfying snack, roasted chickpeas are just as fun for munching as your favourite chips ‘ but they’re a whole lot healthier

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The health benefits of chickpeas

Chickpeas are a nutritional powerhouse. Not only are they packed with protein and fibre, they’ve also been shown to reduce cholesterol. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that people can lower their LDL cholesterol by five percent by eating one serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils a day.

The best part? Chickpeas can make you feel fuller. Which means not only do these crunchy roasted chickpea recipes taste delicious, they’ll also fill you up faster and help you lose weight. Research published in the journal Obesity found that eating one serving a day of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can increase fullness, and therefore help with weight management.

Here’s to enjoying a satisfying snack without worrying about harming your health. You won’t miss the chips with these tasty, easy roasted chickpea recipes.

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Easy Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas

If salt and vinegar potato chips are your weakness, these Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas will become your new favourite snack. All you need is chickpeas, white vinegar, a little sea salt and some olive oil. The tart, sour flavor of the vinegar combined with a pinch of salt makes these an addictive (but healthy!) high-protein snack.

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Tandoori Roasted Chickpeas

You don’t have to love spicy food to enjoy these tasty, crispy chickpeas from Minimalist Baker. This spice combination isn’t so much spicy as it is smoky and flavourful. Plus, the health benefits of these spices make it that much more enjoyable.

Tandoori spice mix includes cumin, garlic powder, paprika, ginger, coriander and cardamom, all of which boast health benefits.

Cumin and coriander have both been found to boost memory. Garlic has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Ginger can help improve nausea from motion sickness help remedy symptoms of cold and flu and may even slow growth of colorectal cancer cells. So, it’s safe to say this is one snack that is miles ahead of potato chips when it comes to health benefits.

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Curry and Sriracha Roasted Chickpeas

If you’re after a spicy snack, these Curry and Sriracha Chickpeas will satisfy your spice and crunch cravings.

Curry powder not only contains memory-boosters cumin and coriander, it also contains turmeric. Turmeric seems to be good for just about everything: it’s thought to help with inflammation or joint paint and, because it contains antioxidants, prevent diseases. It is also purported to treat everything from heartburn to eczema.

Believe it or not, Sriracha has some health benefits, too. Since it’s made from red chili peppers, it contains capsaicin, an ingredient that has been found to kill prostate cancer cells and have beneficial effects on liver damage.

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Roasted Italian Chickpea Croutons

If you have The Oh She Glows Cookbook, you’ll find this delicious roast chickpea recipe in its pages. If not, you’re in luck because the cookbook’s author Angela Liddon has shared this recipe with fellow blogger No Meat Athlete. These are the perfect crunchy chip replacement, especially if you’re into Italian food. The spices used, including oregano, cayenne, garlic powder and onion powder not only provide lots of flavour, the health benefits are numerous. Oregano has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help fight off infection, not to mention it’s loaded with antioxidants. Since garlic and ginger are also used to aid in symptoms of cold and flu, these chickpeas provide a winning combo of spices for your immune system.

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Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas

You’ll be happy to know protein-packed roasted chickpeas aren’t limited to savoury snacking. You can make sweet ones, too. Enter these Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas.

Cinnamon is a classic spice, and for good reason. Not only will it make your house smell inviting and warm, it has an impressive array of health benefits. If you have a sweet tooth, it’s a good idea to add cinnamon to your dessert, too. That’s because this aromatic spice helps regulate blood sugar. It also reduces levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. And can even be used as an anti-inflammatory.

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