5 Ideas for Enjoying Winter in Canada

We asked our readers (that’s you!) how they planned on making the most of this winter in Canada. Here are five of the best tips for embracing winter

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Explore the Outdoors

I plan on exploring the backcountry of the Alberta mountains around Jasper, allowing me to truly appreciate the beauty that is in our own backyard! Why travel across the world when some of the most beautiful places are mere steps away!
– Matthew Fleming, Edmonton, AB

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Cheer for our Hockey Stars

I’ll spend a lot of my winter sitting in the arena cheering on my young hockey players at their games, practices and tournaments. It’s an exciting way to enjoy winter.
– Sandra Cairns, High Prairie, AB

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Walk Often

We spend time going for a walk everyday, no matter how cold it is. We also travel a fair amount to Saskatoon and Calgary to see our family and grandchildren. We break up the cold temperatures with a trip to either Arizona or California. Our family usually comes to enjoy while we are there, too.
– Darlene Elchuk, Regina, SK

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Play Like a Kid

I am going to play in the snow with my daughter. We love to build snowmen, make snow angels and go sledding.
– Dana Miller, Abbotsford, BC

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Spend Time With Family

Gathering together with family and friends, sharing meals and catching up. You can NEVER get too many hugs!
– Marie Myke, Brantford, ON

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