5 healthy Father’s Day gift ideas

Give Dad a gift that will keep him healthy, happy and looking sharp this Father’s Day

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Time to chill out

Fathers who work hard need a place of their own to rest up. With this weather- and fade-resistant, stripped cotton hammock (Canadian Tire, $50) and powder-coated steel stand (Canadian Tire, $130), he can read or catch a few Zzzs while enjoying the summer weather outdoors. A gentle swing and a warm, light breeze are sure to make Dad’s worries drift away.

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Music for his workouts

Help keep dad pumped through his workouts with the Sennheiser MX680 Earbud Headphones (Best Buy, $80). Featuring an ear-fin holding system to keep the buds in place during intense activity, these headphones are made specifically for use during exercise and sports. Sweat- and water-resistant, with a Kevlar reinforced cable that stays soft in colder temperatures, these headphones will allow Dad to enjoy his tunes during both summer and winter activities.

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Challenging trivia

Why do fathers always seem to know everything? We think it’s because they like to read books like the Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things (Reader’s Digest, $40) – a perfect gift to help Dad brush up on his trivia. When he’s done, he’ll be able to tell you the history behind 500 phrases, customs and everyday products, including Kleenex, steak sauce and honeymoons.

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Kinves that cut it

Appeal to your father’s inner chef with a full set of kitchen knives. Twin by Henckels Professional 6-piece Knife Block Set (Sears, $105) comes with one four-inch, three eight-inch and a nine-inch blade, each with its own spot in a handy, wooden countertop knife block. Now Dad can chop, dice and slice to his heart’s content.

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Great grooming

Treat Dad to an at-home barbershop experience with the Ultimate Shaving Kit from The Real Shaving Co. (Shopper’s Drug Mart, $12). The collection of four manly-smelling, travel-size products include the Self Heating Face Mask, Daily Facial Scrub, Shave Cream and Skin Soothing Balm. Now there’s no excuse for Dad to look scruffy!


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