5 fitness gadgets you have to try

Whether you’re a seasoned workout pro or just getting back into the swing of things, fitness gadgets can be useful tools for achieving your goals. Here are five new gadgets to help you up your game

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Adidas miCoach

For the runner: Adidas miCoach Pacer

We all have different running goals-some of us run to de-stress, others to lose weight, some are training for a 10K, and others just want to see where the path takes them. But whatever your goal might be, success is all in the way you pace yourself. Adidas’ miCoach Pacer offers an interactive training program that works with your mp3 player to give you feedback as you run. The lightweight device will let you know when you need to push it and when you need to ease up, so you’re always within your target heart rate zone.


($170, Available at all Running Room locations and select independent running retailers across Canada.)


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Garmin S1

For the golfer: Garmin Approach S1

Getting ready to hit the links this spring? Improve your game with a golf coach that straps right to your wrist. The Garmin Approach S1 might look like your average sport watch, but it’s also a powerful GPS tool. Pre-loaded with 15,000 golf courses across Canada and the U.S., this handy gadget will let you know the distance from the front to the middle and the back of the green you’re on, how far you’ve trekked around the course and even how far your ball flew on that last shot. But getting out of that sand trap? That’s still up to you.


($250, Visit Garmin.com to find a dealer near you.)

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finis swimsense

For the swimmer: Finis Swimsense

You don’t have to be a competitive swimmer to appreciate the Swimsense Performance Monitor. Designed to fit like a watch, this can not only identify which type of stroke you’re doing-butterfly, backstroke, breaststoke or freestyle-but can also track your distance per stroke and how many calories you’ve burned. You can also customize your settings according to pool size, gender and weight. The free online training log will even let you track your swimming history, so you can set goals, create custom workouts and monitor your progress. Watch out, Michael Phelps!


($200 USD. Available online at Finisinc.com and at select Canadian retailers.)

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For the walker: Jogi Pedometer

Getting fit is certainly a step-by-step process, so what could be better than a gadget that literally tracks your every move? Sleek and stylish, this pedometer from the new Joe Fresh health and wellness accessory line called Jogi will not only help you track how many steps you take in a day, but it also tracks your distance and has a 12- or 24-hour setting option. Whether you’re a regular speed walker, trying to walk off those last 10 pounds, or easing your way back into fitness by taking a daily stroll around the neighbourhood, this slim and lightweight pedometer is the perfect tool to let you know just how much activity you’re actually getting-and may even help motivate you to beat your own “high score” with a few additional steps every day.


($10, Available at Real Canadian Superstores and select Loblaw stores across Canada.)

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For the gamer: Kinect for XBox 360

Fitness video games are all the rage these days, but the Kinect for XBox 360 takes gaming to a whole new level. While it might look like an amped-up web cam, the Kinect utilizes some impressive technology to make your body the controller for every game. It doesn’t get more interactive than this-if you want your on-screen avatar to jump, then you’ll have to jump, too, no cheating allowed! And with games such as Zumba and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, you’ll be happy to get off the couch and start breaking a sweat, right in your own living room.


($150, Available at Walmart, Best Buy, Future Shop and EB Games.)

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