5 eco-friendly kitchen gadgets

Make your kitchen greener (and healthier) with these handy products

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glass storage

1. Frigoverre Plus glass storage

It’s bad enough that food comes (over-)packaged at the store-putting it in disposable containers at home is overkill. Instead, use a reusable glass storage container, like this Frigoverre Plus air-tight bowl. It’s BPA-free, non-porous and shatterproof. Available at home and kitchen retailers, $15 each.

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thermos bag

2. Thermos insulated tote bag

Plastic bags are so passé, especially when you can reuse a gorgeous bag like this one from Thermos to keep your groceries or picnic goodies fresh. Available at major retailers this summer, $33.

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3. PFOA-free pans

PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which has been linked to certain cancers, is present in many types of nonstick cookware. Scanpan pans are free of PFOA, and you don’t have to add oil or butter to keep your food from sticking. Shop online at aviva.ca.

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4. Silicone steamer and strainer

When you buy something that has two functions, it’s like getting a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for the Earth. Instead of manufacturing and transporting two products, the impact on the environment is cut in half. This handy silicon strainer, for instance, works as a steamer, too. Bonus: less cupboard space needed! Available at home and kitchen retailers, $25.

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t-fal label

5. Recyclable pans

What do you do with old pans when they’re ready to be tossed? With T-Fal products, you can now recycle them. Plus, they are free of PFOA, lead and cadmium. Look for these new labels on T-Fal products this summer.

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